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From: holllyclay3/30/13 8:37 PM 
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I want to make some polymer clay pins and was wondering if u folks had a preference in either gluing the pinback or putting it on with some clay and then baking it? Is one way better than the other? If u glue it on, what kind of glue do u use? thanks.
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From: gilladian4/1/13 9:36 AM 
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Glue won't hold.

My favorite method involves trapping the pinback under a "bandaid" of clay; essentially cut a strip that fits over the pin and stretches out on either side on the back of the piece. Use a dab of liquid clay or bake-and-bond to enhance the bond. Impress neatly with texture to help produce a finished look; you can even "sign" your work there with a small stamp or carve your initials with a needle tool.

You can also put a larger sheet over the whole back of your piece, cutting tiny holes where the arms of the pinback come through the piece; I do this when I plan ahead far enough. This way the finding vanishes into the piece almost completely. And it is stronger. I do that most often with hairclips.

In either case, the pinback is mounted to an already-baked front, and then baked a second time to cure the backing.


From: HermineR4/1/13 1:58 PM 
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Sometimes I just glue in the black with crazy glue specially if it's for children. I give those away and whatever I make they loose them anyway so I don't bother making a pro finish.

For a professionnal look though I do a full sheet in the back. I tried just covering and it's not as interesting. Faster but not as professionnal.


From: Melody014/10/13 9:50 AM 
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Hi Holly,

I use 220 brand two part epoxy for gluing of findings to PC. It’s very strong when mixed properly (i.e., for a full minute). For info go to the following URL and scroll down to #24

Perhaps you might find some helpful info at the URL's below that I've saved on pin backs.

Anita in AZ


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