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From: holllyclay4/3/13 1:05 AM 
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I have some new Premo clay that is so mushy, it seems even softer than sculpey! I have tried leeching it but it just becomes dry yet continues to be soft. I don't know what else to do and I have a lot of clay like this. What can i do to make it firm? thanks.
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From: HermineR4/3/13 1:58 PM 
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I have found that also. Leaching does not work and I don't know why. It's mostly certain colours. I found that if they are older ( like a year) they become more dry. At least my white does. It's the pound one.

Maybe we should ask polyform?



From: Melody014/3/13 2:15 PM 
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Bummer about the PC mush!

In case you need it, here's the contact info for Polyform. They have been responsive in the past, but it could take a few days if you send an email or leave a voice message:

Polyform Contact info, Elk Grove, IL open M-Thurs 800-4:30 Central time :

I had several pounds of red around Christmastime that was very mushy. I placed them unwrapped on several thickness of UNPRINTED newsprint (without a weight) inside a plastic shoebox with the lid just a tad ajar, so they dried in the AZ desert low humidity, but didn't get get dust on them. I turned them a quarter turn every day for 3-4 days. That's pretty much what I've had to do with some of the "new" PREMO. I try to do it a long time before I need it so that it can leach gently.

Anita in AZ

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From: merrie604/9/13 6:05 PM 
To: holllyclay unread  (4 of 5) 
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I opened the packages and let sit for a month or so and it dries it out a little. JMHO


From: FantasyClay (time4coffee)4/18/13 8:00 PM 
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I've leached the white, it usually takes a few days. Since I tend to prefer a slightly less opaque look anyway, I usually mix it about 50-50 with translucent. That firms it up - youu use less without it even being noticeable but it still firms it up

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