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From: SherryBinNH1/24/14 9:47 AM 
To: polygolems unread  (5 of 10) 
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I have an assortment of wooden balls from an unfinished furniture store (which, obviously, also sells other raw wood stuff.) Some have a flat base, some are fully round and I have to support them with a clay base. A smooth metal item might be nicer than wood with a bit of texture, but it's another option for getting a variety of sizes...


Sherry Bailey

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From: HermineR1/25/14 6:49 PM 
To: polygolems unread  (6 of 10) 
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I also  use those metal thingies( sorry don't know the name) to wash hands after cutting onions. There is also metal mesuring spoons( round ones or other shapes) that can be interesting to use.


From: byallison2/20/14 8:45 PM 
To: mkirkwag1 unread  (7 of 10) 
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I started using light bulbs many years ago and like you was afraid my used light bulbs would run out.  At about that time I moved into my parents house to care from them as they were passing.  Both houses had terrible electricity and were blowing light bulbs all the time.  After he passed my DH was chaning a light bulb only to discover Dad had just thrown them in the ceiling.  I'm guessing the light bulb would blow, my mother would gripe and instead of waiting till Artie or I came to change it, he would change it himself and hide the evidence.  I have a lifetime full of burned out light bulbs.



From: QuietBloomJun-23 11:57 AM 
To: HermineR unread  (8 of 10) 
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I love that idea! I have one of those stainless steel washie things that I never use. Now I have a good use for them! :)



From: JNyagoJun-26 1:47 PM 
To: QuietBloom unread  (9 of 10) 
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What are "washie things" used for?  I am trying to imagine what that are and hoping I have some that I could use.  LOL. I have never tried using lightbulbs, and I presume they are safe--yet somehow I can't help worrying that one of them might explode under the heat of the oven. 


From: Ladyartist05Jul-11 4:25 PM 
To: polygolems unread  (10 of 10) 
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Sounds like a great find.  I just use the lightbulbs.  Works great after you make a base for them to stand upright in.


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