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From: clay feet (ClayFeet)8/2/14 2:34 AM 
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It's been forever since I've been here, and possibly few will remember me.  I was most active here about 10-14 years ago, and have since relagated most of my visits to voting in the PC Challenges.  Life and its tribulations have certainly gotten in the way of enjoying polymer clay, and coming here.  For the past almost year, I have been battling breast cancer.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in sept of 2013... underwent a double mastectomy the next month... went through a few months of chemotherapy, and 35 treatments of radiation (finishing this past may).  I'm happy to say that the last PET scan was CLEAR of cancer, so I am a survivor.  I still have my reconstruction surgery to go through in NOvember.  Can't wait for that part to be over.

Anyway... I just bought 2 lbs of Prosculpt, and I want to get back into it soon.   If any of you remember, I sculpted a few "Ladies of Abundance", who had particularly huge boobs, lol (pics below), and now, well, here I am with NO boobs!  I think my sculpture may take a drastic turn!  I wonder if I will be inspired to a Lady of Abundance, who happens to have no breasts.  Hmmm.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble.  I will try to visit more often.



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From: Melody018/2/14 8:22 AM 
To: clay feet (ClayFeet)  (2 of 9) 
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HI Barbara and welcome back. Congratulations on your survivor status! You have surely earned it. May your muse, the Prosculpt and whatever style of "Ladies of Abundance" that emerge bring you fulfillment and joy.

Anita in AZ


From: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/2/14 3:05 PM 
To: clay feet (ClayFeet)  (3 of 9) 
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Hey Barbara!   Welcome back!   (gentle huggs)  Glad to hear your feeling better after all that's involved in that kind of ordeal.  I'll bet your docs who do the reconstruction would love one of your abundant ladies for their office/desk.   :)   I've seen some pics of women post-surgery who had some awesome tattoos applied.  Not sure if it would be something I would do myself, but one never knows...  :)

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From: clay feet (ClayFeet)8/2/14 7:26 PM 
To: Melody01  (4 of 9) 
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Thank you, Melody!


From: clay feet (ClayFeet)8/2/14 7:26 PM 
To: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 9) 
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StarGazer thanks!  You know that is a great idea for my plastic surgeon!


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon8/12/14 8:17 PM 
To: clay feet (ClayFeet)  (6 of 9) 
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Blessing on you, Barbara, it's great to know that you made it through! I don't blame you for wanting the reconstruction to be over with, that can't be fun to look forward to.

I hope you get back to claying soon!



From: clay feet (ClayFeet)8/13/14 12:06 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 9) 
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Thank you, Jackie.  It's good to see you!




From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon8/14/14 3:29 AM 
To: clay feet (ClayFeet)  (8 of 9) 
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I like your blog. :)



From: clay feet (ClayFeet)8/14/14 3:30 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 9) 
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Aw, thanks, Jackie, I so appreciate you taking a look.

B arbara/clayfeet


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