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From: ladysaotome12/3/14 1:47 PM 
To: HermineR  (2 of 12) 
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I don't think most people sand their sculptures, just beads and the occasional rough edge or something they need very smooth and shiny like pens and such that are covered in canes. There's lots of options people use - rock tumblers, a toothbrush, a dremel tool.   Just make sure you keep the project wet due to the polymer dust.

Here is a good source:

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From: SherryBinNH12/3/14 4:56 PM 
To: HermineR  (3 of 12) 
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Why bother unless a high gloss finish is required?


If it is, and if you don't want to use something like polyurethane as a coating, I'd use a Dremel with a couple of muslin buffing wheels attached (to make a wider buffing surface) and a fairly slow speed and VERY gentle touch -- those muslin buffing wheels can melt the clay and burn in ridges if run too fast or pressed too hard.)




From: HermineR12/3/14 6:06 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (4 of 12) 
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Thank you Sherry great info I wll pass it on.. She does varnish but would like to sand before, She thinksthe finish   is not as well done as it should be. She has tried the dremel but since her characters are not very big the dremel  bits to sand seem to be  too big  for what she want to correct.


From: SherryBinNH12/11/14 1:03 PM 
To: HermineR  (5 of 12) 
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I think the easiest thing is to perfect the finish before baking, as much as is earthly possible, especially on small things.


Sherry Bailey


From: HermineR12/11/14 5:57 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (6 of 12) 
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I agree and that is the suggestion I gave her. Thank you for your feefback. I was checking if my answer could be more elaborated.


From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)12/28/14 9:07 PM 
To: HermineR  (7 of 12) 
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I started my polymer clay life as a miniaturist over 30 years ago and now sculpt non-miniature faces and hands and other fine designs for our molds. To perfect the surface and remove any blemishes I've created a series of sanders using dental bits.

The gold color bits are super fine and the silver color bits are fine.

Also good are red and white stones. Red stones are the roughest, white the smoothest. Start with the more coarse stones and move to white.

I put these bits into handles made from old paint brush handles, dowel rods, acrylic rods, what ever I have around the studio that will work.

These tiny sanding tools allow me to smooth tiny eyelids, lips, etc. for broader areas I use tiny strips of very fine sandpaper, folded in half with the grit side out, to smooth the surface. 

Since I do not make dolls to sell, these may or may not work on the face and hands of a doll. Something to think about or experiment with.

I've attached a link to an image of some tools that I quickly scanned so you can see how many types of handles I use. The metal ones are very heavy to me and I prefer the lighter, wooden ones.



From: Melody0112/29/14 8:34 AM 
To: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)  (8 of 12) 
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From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)12/29/14 9:07 AM 
To: Melody01  (9 of 12) 
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You're welcome Melody. The more we share, the more each of us can grow.



From: HermineR12/29/14 12:47 PM 
To: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)  (10 of 12) 
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Thank you Penni-Jo. I will send her the picture with your permission!


From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)12/29/14 1:22 PM 
To: HermineR  (11 of 12) 
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You're welcome Hermine. Yes, please feel free to share the photo. I did not have a pic of my favorite sander, the one with a gold color ball on one end and silver color ball on the other. Since the tools are only used by hand, they have served me very well for years.

I'm sharing a link to a tiny manor house sculpture I did years ago to make a mold for casting these miniatures. They recently turned up.

Bag of tiny doll house scale decorative items.




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