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From: ladysaotome2/24/15 12:48 PM 
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Hi ladies - I forgot to come back after the show and thank you for all your help. The show went wonderfully.  I had to scramble to find a tablecloth and ended up using a large Mexican tablecloth I had on hand and just laid pieces of felt down like placemats. Next time I'll invest in a large black cloth but I couldn't afford it right then. It was a very quiet craft show but I think I did fairly well. Better than several of the other vendors even, because there were 4 or 5 of them selling candles and a few selling fancy jewelry while I had the niche on the simple, cute jewelry. There are pictures here:   I had just over $70 in sales!  I sold a lot of the candy cane hearts, glow-in-the-dark pumpkins, and the gingerbread men. I guess people were in a Christmasy mood. Sold a few hotdogs and hamburgers. But no one seemed to even notice the ornaments or the dolls. What was funny is Hubby had suggested the Eeyore picture-holder and I only used it to make him happy. But people continuously would walk by from the far end, get to the Eeyore and immediately want one of the earrings from his wires. I had to replenish him constantly. So kudos to Hubby!!     

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From: Melody012/24/15 2:01 PM 
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Hi Lady S, Lovely fragrance jar. I bet the recipient was thrilled. Congratulations on all your sales! I'd say you did well. So nice that you had two such special helpmates and now that you've gotten your feet wet I hope there will be more shows in your future. 

Anita in AZ


From: ladysaotome2/24/15 6:23 PM 
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I appreciate all your advice. It gave me the confidence to get out there and try. Next Christmas I'll do even better!!


From: BakedAk2/25/15 1:20 PM 
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Good for you!


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/25/15 4:51 PM 
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I remember you! I only have a minute but I would NOT share a table with somebody else, because you want to be remembered in your tiny little town for who you are. For the next two weeks, make more earrings - don't try to reinvent the wheel, make the same as you have been making, it's no time to try out new designs. But then you should have enough, and at least all the other vendors will get to know who you are, and that's a good thing.

Remember to talk their ears off (customers, not other vendors). Yes, some of them will try to get away or will rudely walk away, but that's okay, turn to the next person and start talking. I usually say, "this is polymer clay! Do you know about polymer clay?" and proceed to give them a few bits of info while holding up a package of Premo in a bright color. They will usually listen for a minute, then start looking at what's on your table. Or, if you want to, sit and make a few really simple bulls eye or spiral canes when your table is slow. That really interests them. :)

I love doing shows! I don't do them as of late because of life drama, etc., but if I get a chance I'm wanting to do some toward the end of the year. They are fun and exhilarating.

Best of luck! Don't be terrified. :)



From: ladysaotome2/26/15 11:15 AM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (13 of 14) 
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Thanks for the wonderful advice. :)  I ended up being really lucky with the shared table - they ran out of the 8-foot tables so they gave me a 6-foot one all to myself and found a 4-foot one for the friend (who didn't want anything larger anyway). We ended up catty-corner to each other so it really was like we each got our own spot for half the price.

I was able to speak to several customers about polymer clay and I even got several compliments about how tiny and detailed my pieces are. :)  I don't cane often but I think next time I will bring a tile and work on making something so people can see. There was a lady behind us who brought a spinning wheel and it was fascinating to watch her truddle away, turning rabbit wool into yarn. 


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/27/15 7:49 PM 
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That's great news, then! You're on your way. Aren't shows fun? I totally miss doing them.



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