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From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/31/14 10:32 PM 
To: All  (1 of 10) 

AND FINALLY moved into MY HOUSE!!!!!!! only took 2 yrs and just under 3 months to FINALLY live in my house! with my kitties!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! 

I am NOT YET back to claying...but THAT stoppage had NOTHING to do with my being a first time (moving, renovating) home owner... but my FORMER GUILD!  long story...  may or may NOT go into it at some point down the road... 

BUT I MISS CLAYING!  and YES, I have my clay things at my new place... just need to organize it ALL... it's a wee house, 1/3 the size I shared with the exbf... but it's MINE MINE MINE...well and the cats... which sadly I am down to 5 as I lost my Princess Tabigayle and her Bro Prince Turtle this year... before moving in...  still heart broken! but 18 years is a long time... they helped me through a TON of rough times! 


Anyhow...I haven't forgotten about ya'll here... more PEEPS that have helped me through rough times too!!!!!!!!!  now have limited internet with a hot spot & data plan that doesn't allow for much...and no broadcast TV... (no cable or satellite...) but with the local library and Netflix DVDS...and BOOKS...I'm doing good...  

moved in on November 16th, 2014 btw...  YEAH!!!!!!!!

I feel SO FAR BEHIND 'the times'... but I will get back to claying in the NEW YEAR...DARNED IT!!!!!!!!!!  I've been plenty 'creative' with my house... and some crocheting...  but it's still not CLAY! LOL    I'm friends with some on FB... and all the pretties make me itch to clay again...  but 'the guild' really burned me .... and so I quit after 16 yrs... 8 of them being BS ridden...so I said NO MORE!   their loss! I also quit due to terrible (HORRID!) treatment of a great friend who stood by me when "I" was the target (8 yrs prior)...  

anyhow....  hopefully SOON I'll be back claying... I feel these days like I'd need to relearn HOW TO CLAY! LOL   first thing though.... figure out WTF all my stuff is and get it organized!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a great label ,aker (years ago!) from aforementioned friend...and got LABELS for Christmas from my folks...  

at a later 'date' I'll tell all about my experience of being a FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER/OWNER!!!!!!!  it's a wee small place... esp for someone with my 'collections' of creative material! LOLOLOL  BUT... IT IS MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! (most of the time! LOL)  and YES...I took a TON of pictures...as there was a LOT LOT LOT LOT to do... and lots of it was done by ME... which is why it took so frelling long...esp on my limited 'fixed' income...  but it's very 'creative' and colorful!!!! and the CATS...well, they have their own ROOM of course... in addition to run of the house (well, mostly...) with LOTS and LOTS of shelves...and now BIRD feeders to see from many windows for entertainment!!!!  although the rest of the house looks like a cat toy store EXPLODED in it (too!)  LOL  I even built them a creative 'perch' near my clay table from an odd wasted space! 

SO HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!  and I've MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!



(in Michigan-where this 'move' was a whole 3.2 miles from where I lived with the exbf! LOL and yes...I still have 'shtuff' at his place... working on it...we 'get along' ok these days...  he comes over to visit with the furkids... buys them food and litter still...  misses THEM terribly... LOL)

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From: 286Cindy1/6/15 6:55 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 10) 
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Oh wow! It's been way too long - glad to hear you're almost settled in and doing good :)
I was away from PCC for quite some time myself, a lot of the old faces are gone now, and not as much activity.
I check in every few days to see if there are any new posts - and here you are!
Glad you're back

From: Melody011/7/15 8:32 AM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 10) 
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Kim, Glad to see you here and know that you're doing well in your new home with your kitties. Hope you'll be getting some  PC underneath your fingernails soon.

Anita in AZ








From: Kimba (mackimba) Posted by host1/7/15 11:43 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 10) 
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Hi Kim!


So good to see you back here at PCC. Where we first met. :)  (Has it really been almost 18 years now?) I hope you will be able to pop in more often now.

It was great finally getting to see your place in person. You have done amazing things with your "wee space". :)  I hope that once things settle down a bit more you will find yourself claying again. If nothing else, you need to make things for the house. Like daisy and sunflower handles for the drawers and cupboards. ;) 




From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/10/15 6:00 PM 
To: Melody01  (5 of 10) 
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Thanks Anita!!!!!!  I hope so too (clay under the nails!) they have this art challenge thing going on Facebook these days and I am drooling over all the pretties....  ONE OF THESE DAYS! LOL  still so much to unpack and organize etc...  it's bitterly cold here in MI these days...don't feel like doing much of ANYTHING let alone going through boxes and such... esp as there are plenty in the garage...where there is NO HEAT and little insulation (only what I've put in so far...which isn't much yet...) 



K.C. Redcat


From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/10/15 6:06 PM 
To: Kimba (mackimba)  (6 of 10) 
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holy crap...it's been THAT LONG!!!!!! WOW!    well, I have been 'claying' for 19 almost (although not actively for far too long now...) but we all know it's still running strong in my blood! (although these days with it being so frelling bitterly ccccold here that's not 'running' much these days.... brrrrrrrrr) 

ha... never thought of the drawer knobs...  although I have at least ONE light switch (over the sink) that I am FOR SURE going to do something about... and no doubt the other ones (well, once I can FINALLY get them actually WORKING RIGHT!!!!!! grrrrrr!)

yeah.... now you know what I'm working with... even the 'garage'...  but EVENTUALLY there will be ROOM for you to come HERE and clay!!!!!!!  and THEN someday... I'll have my studio IN THE "GARAGE"... which will mean MORE ROOM for company to play clay!!!!!!


Talk Soon!


(hey... did you find the little something in the bottom of your bag of stuff... I forgot there was a smaller item in there until a couple days ago!)



From: Melody011/10/15 7:15 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 10) 
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From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/10/15 7:19 PM 
To: 286Cindy  (8 of 10) 
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Thanks Cindy... hopefully ASAP I'll actually be back to CLAYING!  I will... eventually... still organizing and sorting! ack! PITA! LOL






From: Kimba (mackimba) Posted by host1/13/15 3:03 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 10) 
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Hmmm, I don't think I found it… I thought I emptied the bag but maybe not? It's in the car so I can't double check. what am I looking for?

Coming up for a clay play day sounds like fun. I ended up missing the guild's play day Saturday. I was still dealing with slight vertigo and it was so cold out Too cold to snow is too cold for me! 

I figured you would be planning on doing the light switch and outlet covers. But the drawer pulls and cupboard handles as daisies, sunflowers and brown eyed susans would really be cool and would make it even more you. :)




From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon1/19/15 12:54 AM 
To: Kimba (mackimba)  (10 of 10) 
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no handles for the doors...no need... and hoping that eventually this will NOT be my kitchen... and I'll be able to add on someday and have a REAL kitchen...    I wondered about the play clay day...figured it was too cold...  hope you are feeling better.    small flat object... I think I gave you at least one... a wood cutout? WHO knows.....





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