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From: mst013/6/15 10:44 AM 
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I just baked a white clay Christmas tree ornament that I am going to paint.  It should not matter but it bugs me that the white color where the texture is looks like as off white (almost tan). The areas that were not textured stayed more white.  The piece is a little over a 1/2 thick.  I baked it at 275 for 1 1/2  It was covered by a tin foil tent with openings on both sides.  I thought that it did not matter how long one bakes polymer clay, just as long as the thermometer states that it is 275.  I did set my oven at 285 and my thermometer in the oven only registered at 275.  I checked it every 12 minutes to make sure that there were no problems. 

Does anyone have any insight on this?  I have baked other projects with this oven and do not think that I have had the same color. 

Just asking too, if the clay is discolored, is the clay still considered "good"  or"solid"?  I am concerned only because I was commissioned to make this for someone and I want it to be nice.  Again, it will be painted but this color just bugs me.  Thank you

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From: SherryBinNH3/6/15 11:40 AM 
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White and translucent clays are more prone to discoloration than the other colors, or maybe it just is more obvious with them! Sometimes they "brown" a little because of the oven, sometimes the clay is just a tiny bit dirty (form hands or whatever) but this doesn't show up until it's baked. I'm not sure, but possibly sanding slightly would remove any top-surface discoloration.

Baking for a long duration (and discoloration) do not undermine the strength or durability of the clay. Not conditioning enough or other factors, like using a toaster oven, CAN. Also, different brands have different strength properties, so Super Sculpey will be brittle no matter how long you bake it but other brands are better.

Some people bury white items in corn starch or something to limit discoloration, since then the powder has to heat evenly for the clay to get to temperature.


So, lots of factors can be involved. But if you plan to paint this one, probably it will be fine.


Sherry Bailey


From: mst013/6/15 12:39 PM 
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Thank you Sherry.  I baked it in a convection oven.  I will have to keep that information in mind when I bake something that is white the next time.  Fortunately, I will be painting it with white gesso, then painting it with multiple colors of grey.   It is a Schnauzer.  I am glad that it will be ok since it has taken me forever to make it with all of its directions of hair!


From: Melody013/7/15 8:46 AM 
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From: mst013/7/15 9:55 AM 
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Thank you Melody


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