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From: almuhtaseb3/6/15 4:11 PM 
To: Melody01  (1 of 3) 

Dear Melody, sorry for bothering you again :p

I just have another two questions : 1. If i want to use a glue to put the polymer on wood or plastic or whatever, what do you recommend?? I want it to sick well and not to be moved with time.

2. Also i want to buy an oven because i'm afraid to use the one I have, i think it is not healthy to use it. so can you also recommend which is better the electronic oven or the one you use with gas (the regular one)

Thank you in advance

Safa'a Al-Muhtaseb

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From: Melody013/7/15 8:37 AM 
To: almuhtaseb  (2 of 3) 
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Hi almuhtseb, Happy to try to answer your questions. If you can't find the info you need in the posts below please ask again.

My three favorite glues:


Oven: Many people use their own kitchen oven (gas or electric, NOT microwave) and use foil cake pan covered with foil over the top to minimize any oily residue staying in the oven (or cure in a flattish covered casserole dish or pot). If you want to get an oven that you use specifically for PC (we call that a "dedicated oven") you have several choices. The most common is an inexpensive electric toaster oven. The larger the better in order to keep the PC from being too near the heating elements. If you use this type of oven I recommend you tent your tray that contains the PC pieces with foil to prevent any browning to the clay. (If you're not sure what tenting is, please ask). More expensive is the electric convection oven which many more serious players use. It heats a more even temperature with moving air and tends to have less "hot spots" that can lead to browning. With any oven, lining it with ceramic tile can help even out any hot spot and keeps the oven temperature more level with less highs and lows. With any oven it is critical that one tests and monitors the oven temperature with a portable oven thermometer to prevent burning. Info on recommended types of thermometers are outlined in my

p.1 is basic PC info


Hope this helps. If you have further questions please ask.

Anita in AZ


From: almuhtaseb3/8/15 5:04 AM 
To: Melody01  (3 of 3) 
 71102.3 in reply to 71102.2 
Thank u very much, it did answer my questions.
Thank u again :-)

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