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From: Sweetearth DelphiPlus Member Icon7/10/15 11:03 AM 
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OK, I REALLY hate to bring up this ancient topic, but I must know the answer.

I have some ancient Sculpey III and Some ancient Premo polymer clay some still saying "Clay Factory Clay".  Amazingly it is still as soft and pliable as it was when I bought it 20 years ago.  I know they have removed phthalates from the clay, but there are still phthalates in the clay I have--the Premo lists phthalate ester right on the label.  I have not clayed for quite some time, obviously, but I wanted to use it again for some projects.  I know about wearing gloves and not burning it and using a dedicated oven with the clay.  What I want to is, if I make some dollhouse items with it that children may play with, it is safe after curing?  Or should I just take this to the toxic refuse site in my city and just buy some new clay?  I have pounds and pounds of this clay.  Also, if I use this clay to make, say wall art, will it continue to release these phthalates into the atmosphere after it is cured?  Sorry if this has been hashed and re-hashed endlessly, I have not been around for a while and I can't find a consistent answer on the internet. 

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From: Melody017/10/15 2:32 PM 
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Hi Sweetearth, Your questions are well founded. Perhaps there's some safety info at the glassattic URL below that might prove helpful. Most of the info appears to be older, so that might be especially helpful when researching the safely concerns of the older PC. I would be concerned if there's any chance on a young child sucking on a cured piece of the doll house furniture, but then I tend to be very cautious with potential health issues in general.

I did find the following info in my "magic archive" from Donna Kato

Donna Kato from

3. Plastics of any sort emit fumes. When you buy a new car, you'll notice a fine film appears on 3. Plastics of any sort emit fumes. When you buy a new car, you'll notice a fine film appears on the windows inside the car. Polymer clays are no different and so, I wouldn't recommend making aquarium items and exposing live creatures to this phenomenon.

Anita in AZ


From: Sweetearth DelphiPlus Member Icon7/11/15 11:17 AM 
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Thank you for replying Melody01.


From: Sweetearth DelphiPlus Member Icon7/11/15 2:00 PM 
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I could not find any answers regarding items already cured/baked made with ancient 15-20 year old Sculpey or Premo clay, so I decided to email Polyform (which I should have thought to do in the first place) and ask them if items that were made and cured/baked with these old formula clays BEFORE the phthalates were removed were safe to use.  This is the email I received back:

"Thank you for contacting Polyform Products and your interest in our products. 
Yes. The items are completely safe to wear and are still non-toxic. 

Thank you and best regards,
Kimberly Rush
Director of R&D and Regulatory
Polyform Products Co. Inc. 
1901 Estes Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
847-427-0020 ext. 117"
Though I would put that out there incase someone else has "vintage" clay they want to use.
Take care everybody.

From: Melody017/11/15 8:37 PM 
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From: Sweetearth DelphiPlus Member Icon7/12/15 12:39 AM 
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Hi Melody01, thanks.  I feel better about not tossing about 50 pounds of clay.  I looked at your flicker album.  I especially liked that cactus Christmas "tree" and those adorable kitties. 

Take care.


From: Melody017/12/15 8:47 AM 
To: Sweetearth DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (7 of 7) 
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So glad that the "clay toss" won't have to happen! Thanks for checking out my Flickr album and your kind words. Hope you'll consider posting photos of your dollhouse furniture in the Show 'n Tell folder as it gets made.

Wishing you much PC underneath your fingernails.

Anita in AZ


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