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From: Lindad12038/1/15 10:20 PM 
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I have the following colors of Premo for sale 202 2 oz. packages for .50 each. I want to sell in one  large lot and will find the cheapest shipping method. This is the older, Premo packages shown in the top of the attached pic-

5 black    11 Cadmium yellow     12 Ultramarine Blue     12 Blue Pearl     5 Cobalt Blue     14 Green pearl     14 cadmium red                2 turquoise     7 red pearl     11 pearl     10 white     2 orange     1 zinc yellow     1 fluorescent yellow     6 Alizarin crimson                 11 copper     18 ecru     10 raw sienna     5 gold     11 burnt umber     5 silver     4 violet     8 fuchsia     4 purple  4         2    5 Translucent   1 sea green  3 beige    Let me know if there are any takers!

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From: lslang8/7/15 4:36 AM 
To: Lindad1203  (2 of 14) 
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I am interested in Premo, but don't have the funds for all 202 packages and do not need all of the colors. Like many crafters, I also have a small stash of clay but there are some colors I already have too much of. If you would be willing to split up this lot of clay, let me know. Laura


From: Lindad12038/7/15 7:06 AM 
To: lslang  (3 of 14) 
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Hi Laura, well I guess I am willing to split it up, since I got no answers on the whole lot, lol! I will check into shipping today. Let me know what you want, ok?

From: Lindad12038/7/15 10:01 PM 
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OK, 21 two-oz packages of Premo will fit into a small flat rate box, which is 5.95 shipping. 132 packages will fit into a medium flat rate box, which is 12.65 shipping. So for 21 pkgs of Premo it would be 16.45 total and for 132 pkgs it would be 78.65 total. Sounds pretty fair to me. Let me know how many/colors you'd like.



From: dragyonfly8/8/15 1:28 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (5 of 14) 
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Do you still have any of this available? I am interested in some of the Premo colors but not all.


From: Lindad12038/8/15 11:50 PM 
To: dragyonfly unread  (6 of 14) 
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All of it is available. Let me know what you want!


From: lslang8/9/15 7:41 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (7 of 14) 
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Hi Linda,

I will take 10 white, 4 fuchsia, 4 violet, 1 sea green, 2 purple for a total of 21 packages. PayPal ok? Laura


From: Lindad12038/9/15 10:52 PM 
To: lslang  (8 of 14) 
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Great! I don't have PayPal... but you can pay my organization's PayPal. I was going to donate the money to them anyways. Just go to and click on "make a donation" and I will get a notification. Then I will ship your stuff! OK?




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From: Kimba (mackimba) Posted by host8/15/15 12:59 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (10 of 14) 
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Hi Linda,

I will take all of the red pearl, blue pearl, green pearl, copper, gold, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, fluorescent pink, and turquoise you have left.



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