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From: BrotherVic78/27/15 10:42 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (2 of 18) 
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Hello Linda, I am interested in the 2 blue pearl,  1 Peacock Pearl, 2 Pearl,  1 copper, 2 black, 2 Antique Gold, 2 Gray Granite, 1 Silver, 2 Turquoise, 1 Bronze, 2 Bright Green Pearl, 2 Translucent, 1 Blue Granite. I believe the total including shipping would be $16.45, but please let me know if it is different. I will send payment via paypal. Let me know! Thank you!

Victor Morales

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From: BrotherVic78/28/15 10:16 AM 
To: All  (3 of 18) 
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Hello Linda? ...Are these clays still available? I really want them! Please let me know either way, thank you!


From: Lindad12038/28/15 10:20 AM 
To: BrotherVic7  (4 of 18) 
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Good morning! Sorry I didn't reply last night.. I was busy starring in a play, lol.

Yes! I still have them and the amount is correct. Go to, click on Support the Arts, and Make a Donation. I will watch for it! Thanks, Linda


From: BrotherVic78/28/15 1:54 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (5 of 18) 
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Linda...Done! I am interested in some Kato clay too, do you still have some...if so what colors do you have? How many total pieces of clay do you have going for 0.50 ea. I may take them all! Let me know, and maybe the order can qualify for the 12.95 shipping! Let me know! Thanks again!


From: Lindad12038/28/15 2:57 PM 
To: BrotherVic7  (6 of 18) 
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I will check later tonight, and post about the Kato Clay, OK? Thanks Vic!



From: BrotherVic78/28/15 11:39 PM 
To: Lindad1203  (7 of 18) 
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Ok Linda, I will be looking out for it. I am also interested in tissue blades, texture sheets and molds... if you have any?


From: lslang8/31/15 12:19 AM 
To: Lindad1203  (8 of 18) 
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Let me know what is left in addition to other supplies.



From: Lindad12039/3/15 10:20 PM 
To: All  (9 of 18) 
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Hi Laura, I posted it on the other Clay for sale thread. Right now I'm concentrating on the clays, the tools will have to wait.  I can email you the list, just let me know, OK?Thanks!



From: BrotherVic79/4/15 10:39 AM 
To: Lindad1203  (10 of 18) 
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Linda... thank  you so much for the clay! Such an easy transaction and really fast shipping. The clay I received is softer/fresher then ones I purchased over the counter!

When my other shipment arrives, I will not have to purchase clay for a long time. The ability to use the Ash County Arts, website to pay is the best! Thank you again Linda, I will be looking for the list of tools you have to sell! It has been a pleasure!

Brother Victor Morales  


From: Lindad12039/4/15 10:54 AM 
To: All  (11 of 18) 
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Thank you Victor! Our Arts Council will benefit from your donation. And I'm glad you will be using the clay to help others :-)




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