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From: m00n_child8/18/15 2:17 PM 
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Hi there, i'm reading and learning about using polymer clay caning techniques to create a millefiori look. I want to create beads for dreadlocks, which requires there to be a large hole, pencil to sharpie sized. All the tutorials ive found involve veneering slices of canes to the outside of a core piece of clay then piercing with a bead tool or toothpick or something. I am just wondering how would be best to pierce large holes in beads with a look like the attached image without distorting? Should i use knitting needles? A circle cutter type tool of the diameter i need? Do they make cutting tools like that that are really tall? Like 2-3 inches tall? Should i use an extruder to create the tube shape? Any help or tips are much appreciated!! Thanks!!
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From: SherryBinNH8/19/15 7:58 PM 
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Veneering slices of canes can happen on any shape at any scale. (Core beads are just one way.) If it were me, I'd probably put some base clay (scrap or a color that goes with your design) onto thick knitting needles and bake it. (You could wrap the needles with baking parchment paper one or two wraps first, to expedite removal.) I'd use a layer or two of the thickest setting from the pasta machine (#1 on mine). Then slide the tube off, cut it into lengths for the beads, cover with the cane slices, and bake again.


Sherry Bailey


From: BrotherVic78/29/15 12:54 AM 
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Hello, you can also try forming your base clay on copper tubing, it is available in many  sizes, if you cannot find a knitting needle large enough. You can roll out the sheet on the thickest setting, arrange your can slices in a pleasing pattern on the sheet, then wrap the sheet around the copper tubing that has a sheet of paper or cardstock covering it, and bake. Once cool, you simply cut the beads to one size or several sizes. BTW, you can even sand and buff the sheet while it is still on the tubing, and then cut them to size!


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