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From: mkirkwag11/2/16 2:50 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (4 of 7) 
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I do it all the time - no problem. I don't paint an image, however, so I can't speak to that. I use it for accent.

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From: mkirkwag11/2/16 2:51 PM 
To: All  (5 of 7) 
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I seem to have misplaced the edit button, so I'll just append this: acrylics are a plastic, so when you apply them to raw clay and bake, they bond to the clay - no rubbing off!


From: artmaker11/3/16 8:01 PM 
To: mkirkwag1  (6 of 7) 
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I have painted clay many times too.  Both pre and after baking.  Sometimes both.   But.... the paint doesn't always adhere to the clay.  Depends how thick your paint is I guess.  Very thin, like say antiquing something where your going to rub off the high points, it is pretty well set.   But thicker paint, can peel off just like plastic wrap.  The clay is porous so where the paint sinks into the little pits and texture of the clay it will bond well.  But thick paint might just lay on top and can come off fairly easy.  Baked or not doesn't seem to matter.


Just know what ever your making and how much handling it will get.  A statue won't get rubbed much but a bead or button?  Might not be so good without sealing it first.   Verathane works well for that.  


From: mkirkwag11/4/16 10:30 PM 
To: artmaker1  (7 of 7) 
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I think, from your final comments, that this is meant as a response to the original question, but I have to pop in and say that I'm surprised. You're using acrylic paints? I've never had them fail to bond to the clay when I used it pre-baking and I've been doing it for years. Perhaps it has something to do with using 40-year-old Liquitex.


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