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From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)11/4/15 3:22 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (12 of 50) 
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Hi Jackie (aka Jax),

I am not on forums much anymore either but it is great to hear that you are making canes again and claying! I think of you often and am so sorry to hear the pictures from the ClayPen are gone.  I loved the chats and seeing what everyone was up to in clay.

As for myself, it seems the older I get, the less I can do in a day. :-/ Travel to shows and all the prep and restore when we get home has taken so much time and energy but travel is slowing down now. Our focus now is to build our little business, new designs, new molds, etc.

New and or updated tools are a big help but time is still the fire in which we burn. Blessings always.


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From: Dynter11/7/15 11:41 AM 
To: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)  (13 of 50) 
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Some of us are still around. Jean stargazer has been taking a break from her weekly webcams due to the chat and cams not working properly.


From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)11/8/15 3:55 PM 
To: Stephen (SDROSS) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (14 of 50) 
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I think you are correct Stephen,

Many of us are now teaching, designing and writing for retreats, PC magazine articles, or promoting their own local guild. I'm busier in polymer clay than ever and enjoying the clay and it's many, many facets daily. However, most of my time and energy is focused here in Oklahoma, small in population, big in distances but growing in an interest in polymer clay. Our Twister retreat is going on six years and next year Lindly Haunani will be our teacher.

I check in here from time to time and occasionally post a new product. However, life is like the little poster I have over my monitor. "Time is the Fire in Which we Burn".

Still spending time in claying and still loving it.


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon11/10/15 4:44 PM 
To: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)  (15 of 50) 
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Hi PJ! I'm happy to hear about new tools and molds and designs! I will check out your website... www.bestflexiblemolds.com, right? I do love your molds and texture sheets a LOT!




From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)11/10/15 6:32 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (16 of 50) 
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Thank you so very much Jackie! Yes, we continue to add to our lines and a couple of months or so ago we bought a Laser. It is fabulous for creating masters for our texture mats and are now working on cutting elements that will be used to create fine and delicate elements for new molds. Never a dull moment..... :-)


From: HermineR11/11/15 1:45 PM 
To: Stephen (SDROSS) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (17 of 50) 
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I agree new venues attract newer members. I for one use more french goups than PCC cause I am not into the new medias. I do visit here  from time to time though.


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon11/12/15 12:19 AM 
To: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)  (18 of 50) 
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Oh wow, a laser, neat, PJ! How fun. :)

Hugs, Jackie



From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)11/12/15 11:44 AM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (19 of 50) 
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Yes Jax,

Fun indeed. Now I can test my ideas very quickly, modify design, test again. It is a most wonderful tool. I am blessed.


From: mkirkwag11/2/16 3:15 PM 
To: SherryBinNH unread  (20 of 50) 
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You're right, SherryBin! I was poking around because I was posting something about the condition-kayo-by-truck method (who did that? It's my favorite clay story) and was shocked by the lack of activity. I had drifted away because I do, periodically. I'm still fundamentally a hobbyist, despite a couple of sales (woo-hoo!), and I lose energy for it periodically. I even stopped teaching. Gearing up now, though.


From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon1/8/16 7:54 PM 
To: mkirkwag1  (21 of 50) 
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It was me who tried to flatten Kato clay using my 1989 Suburban, LOL, and it was a complete failure. It helped me realize why our vehicles ride so well - I ran the truck over clay that was between two boards, back and forth, back and forth. You could see the tire give each time the lump of clay was beneath it. Very interesting.

The other way I'd had to deal with it was hammering it flat before putting it through my pasta machine. But a neck injury finally called a halt to that!

Then, thankfully, Kato re-did their formula and now I buy their clay that has a number that starts with "M" or later, and it's soft enough to condition straight through both my Atlas pasta machine and my Dream machine. I love Kato clay!!!




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