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From: Pat (TRICIART)2/14/16 2:38 PM 
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Has anyone used Lazertran Silk paper to transfer images on to polymer clay?  I've been trying so many techniques and they all leave a lot to be desired.  Also, I've been using Lisa Pavelka's transfer paper but find that many times as I start to slide the paper backing away from the image a small smear appears either on the corners of the paper or if I touch the image at the edge in order to start the paper sliding part of the image smears on my finger.  Has anyone found that problem?  And how to fix it?  Would appreciate your help as I have dozens of images I just purchased to make earrings and am getting very frustrated with the whole image transfer idea.



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From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/14/16 7:23 PM 
To: Pat (TRICIART)  (2 of 15) 
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I'm so sorry to hear this, Pat - I have almost no experience with transfers at all, and although I've seen some comments about Lazertran silk, I don't remember enough to be of help to you. Maybe when Anita looks in she will share some of her saved hints and tips about it. Hopefully that will be soon!




From: Pat (TRICIART)2/14/16 8:31 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 15) 
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Thanks Jackie:   I notice that not a lot of folks are here at PCC lately.  I hope this site does not fizzle out as I always count on it to help me with polymer clay projects or problems. 



From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/15/16 2:39 AM 
To: Pat (TRICIART)  (4 of 15) 
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Hi Pat - yes, I know. Most of the old group have pretty much flown the coop, because of Facebook mostly, I guess. It's hard to get things going here anymore - February Thing-A-Day has livened it up but we're halfway through February already... so maybe we can think of something to do during the other months, lol. I've sure been having a great time seeing what everybody is doing this month, though.




From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/15/16 7:08 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 15) 
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Thing a week? I'd be in for it. I don't want to just fade away again.

From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/16/16 1:45 AM 
To: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 15) 
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Me either! Let's do it - Thing A Week! What day would be the best one for you to be able to post stuff?



From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/16/16 3:52 AM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 15) 
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I can post any long as I have made something ahead of time. My work days are random so pick one that works for you :)
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From: SherryBinNH2/16/16 10:42 AM 
To: Pat (TRICIART)  (8 of 15) 
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I have used LaserTran, and it does give nice clear color transfers. (I wouldn't bother for black and white transfers, personally -- too expensive for that.) I think any transfer could smear before baking, so I'd make sure there was something to touch to handle the clay other than that surface -- form it on a card and handle the card, or something...

GlassAttic usually has lots of tips for things like this...


Sherry Bailey



From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon2/17/16 2:26 AM 
To: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 15) 
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Hmmmm, how about Thursdays? I will set up a reminder on my phone on Tuesdays and that way I should have something each week! How fun! I hope many other PCCer's will join in with us. We will have to advertise. :)



From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/17/16 2:47 AM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 15) 
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Sounds like a plan!

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