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From: vgsoskin3/8/16 9:29 AM 
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Hello all.  First time I have posted but just wanted to share something I found out while using Envirotex Lite on PC.  I am making PC rectangles to inlay on the top of business card cases.  On some of them I wanted to add some resin to make them really glassy in appearance.  So I made a PC rectangle, cured it, and coated it with the first coat of resin.  Did a second coat.  I mixed the smallest amounts possible because I hate to waste the resin, and since one coat of a business sized card of PC does not take much resin to cover.  After four days it was cured but still the least bit sticky or tacky.  Dadgummit.  Sorta literally!  I was going to throw the piece away.  Then I read in an old thread on Etsy that if you mix tiny amounts of resin it is that much easier to not get the same amount of the two liquid components.....since you are mixing a tiny amount, the smallest difference could cause problems.  So I wiped the rectangle with alcohol, rinsed it in water and for the third coat of resin (normally I only would do two coats), I mixed a larger amount, using twice as much of each liquid.  I did the pour, covered it with a plastic box top to keep it dust free while curing, and 12 hours later, voila, the smooth, gorgeously glass like look and NO stickiness.  So I learned that if you are mixing resin, add your component liquids at least a third of the way up in the medicine measuring cups.....this will create a cup 2/3 full of resin.  To use it, save up your projects needing resin until you have a number of them, so you can use up as much resin as possible.  I am so glad I did not have to throw out the PC rectangle panel.  I will let it cure for another day, and then glue in the panel onto the case.  I rough up the back of the clay with sandpaper and do the same with the indented portion on the business card case lid.  Then glue with E6000.    

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From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon3/9/16 4:20 AM 
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Awesome! Thank you for the information! One thing is, I would suggest using 2-part epoxy for the gluing, some have told me their veneers pop off after time. I never trust E6000, but there is this great and easy to use epoxy called Epoxy 330 that provides water clear bonding and is very strong that I use. Tomorrow I can look up the link for it - Amazon has it.

Anyway, thanks again for the resin info!




From: vgsoskin3/9/16 9:13 AM 
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Thanks!  I will look for the Epoxy 330!  Virginia


From: DAnderson13/9/16 12:52 PM 
To: vgsoskin  (4 of 4) 
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This exact same experience happened to me also, using Envirotex Lite. I mixed a small amount of both the hardener and resin, coated my items and they never cured.

They stayed tacky. After I created more pieces using polymer clay and baking them. I mixed equal amounts of resin and hardener and applied it to the PC pieces. I did not wipe off the existing resin. I simply applied the newly mixed resin on top and in 24 hours, it had cured and looked great. 


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