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From: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host9/22/16 11:41 AM 
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I like your pretties, Amy - especially the leaves in the first picture. 

Do you have a link for that hollow bead tutorial you mention, and care to share? It sounds very elaborate the way you describe it.









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From: amyfb9/22/16 1:20 PM 
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found the video! - https://youtu.be/U4p7hmOnTF0

in short summary , the steps are:

1. stixk a Cotten ball into a scrap of nylon  pantyhose and snug it up tight into a ball shape.

2. Stick it on a toothpick

3. Tie tightly with thread to hold the ball shape and trim excess sticking out of the way.

4. Apply clay - liquid do in thin coats , baking between each. Cane use thin slices and grout with liquid clay if needed.

5. After baked and cooled , pull out the cotton and panty hose and toothpick.


i saw another video using purpose made balls that were coated with cooking spray to facilitate extraction.

another tutorial was using some kind of paper form.

good luck

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From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/22/16 11:09 PM 
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Just got home from work....and I only have an "in progress" bracelet to show. Hope you are all having a good week! Susan



From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/23/16 11:39 PM 
To: amyfb  (6 of 8) 
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Wow, you've been busy, girl! I also just bought some Pardo translucent clay. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Now I'm inspired! There was some amazingly clear beads on pinterest that I plan to try to duplicate.  The technique you used looks interesting too. 



From: amyfb9/25/16 9:36 AM 
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Hi Susan,

Conditioning -wise, I have not enjoyed working with the Pardo brand translucent so far.(haven't tried any other color of Pardo).

It seems like I spend twice as long working it to a workable state That still feels dry.

i will try adding a drop or two of liquid clay next time.

the cured color is nicely clear and not yellow like the premo or kato but is more white . 

I made these flowers entirely of Pardo translucent that were colored with alcohol inks and wrapped/filled with un-colored.

sliced , baked and waiting for their next state of being....


From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/26/16 2:30 AM 
To: amyfb  (8 of 8) 
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I read about how dry pardo is. Guess its true. I need to get some alcohol inks. You'd think I have all the craft supplies known to man if you saw my craftroom but there's always "one more" i need/want lol. 

I absolutely love your little flowers!!! I will be waiting to see what they become!!! 



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