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From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)2/15/17 3:33 PM 
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I use ceramic or porcelain tiles on which to bake my clay. Most importantly, have an oven thermometer to be sure your oven is accurate. Small ovens like toaster ovens can be up to 35 degrees either too cool or too hot. Always be sure you know how hot the oven is.

If I want no shine on the bottom I bake on card stock, like an index card with no lines on it. Or, if one makes something like an unusually shaped piece or beads they can put them in a bowl of corn starch or Baking Powder. I bury any beads and rinse them after they bake and are cooled. By burying the beads completely the heat will evenly bake the pieces and prevent scorching.

Sometimes I bake on a piece of Cardboard.  At 275° F, paper, cardboard, card stock and baking powder or corn starch, or even Poly-Fil® will not burn.

I never bake on metal as it conducts heat and can, but not always will, brown the bottoms of my clay items.

As for a work surface, Walmart sewing centers have Fiskar® work surfaces, 12 inches square made of Acrylic. They also have grid lines and inch lines. I have one I take to guild meeting for a mobile work surface. Love it. BTW, clay works well with any acrylic.

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From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)2/16/17 7:21 AM 
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Sorry for the great delay in replying! I would not use a plastic plate or melamine in the oven. If you're using a ceramic dish or plate to work on, that itself can go right into the oven. 

I understand the need to keep things inexpensive; been there, done that, STILL do that! That said, the kitchen cutting mats at the dollar store are two to a package, so it's pretty good deal at 50 cents each. If you can get to a large home improvement store or something similar, you can probably get a tile anywhere from 3 inches by 3 inches to 12 inches by 12 inches for only a buck or two each. Or less. And those will go right into the oven when baking your creations. I suggest you choose one that's 'white' (so the color doesn't interfere with the look of your clay colors while you're working on your clay) and smooth glass - pick it up and tilt it to the lights, you'll see if the surface is glass smooth (preferable) or matt, or rippled in any way. And make sure you measure the inside of your oven before choosing a tile, so it will fit inside the oven!

Happy Claying!



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