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From: Kathryn Archuleta (KathrynArchu)2/4/18 1:51 AM 
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Hi there I'm a newbie - just thought I'd introduce myself a bit.  I'm from Texas and just started claying as part of my occupational therapy to help with a chronic pain disorder

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From: mst012/4/18 7:15 PM 
To: Kathryn Archuleta (KathrynArchu) unread  (2 of 9) 
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I am sorry that you have a pain disorder.  Working with clay is a very good idea.  Not only will it help your hands and fingers but also diverts your attention from the pain plus boots your creative spirit!  Good luck!



From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/4/18 9:26 PM 
To: Kathryn Archuleta (KathrynArchu) unread  (3 of 9) 
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Glad you found polymer clay and I think you will enjoy it. I have chronic pain too and some days I can be creative and some days not so much. But it is a great distraction on the good days! I started with clay just out of college and was looking for a hobby that was far from studying medicine. All these years later I still love it!

Susan (from Oregon) 


From: Ladyartist052/19/18 12:03 PM 
To: Kathryn Archuleta (KathrynArchu) unread  (4 of 9) 
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Sorry you have pain.  I have arthritis  in my thumbs, which can be painful.  I think the flexing of the clay with ones hands is good for a lot of things.  Focusing one's mind away from pain with the creative challenge is helpful.  Good luck.  Lots of resources on here to help you as well.



From: JNyago2/20/18 9:59 PM 
To: mst01  (5 of 9) 
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I found polymer clay back in 2009, when my husband was fighting cancer and we didn't know if he would make it.   Claying was a great stress-reliever and also gave me something pleasant to look forward to when I got up in the morning.  Although we are now elderly, he is fine and still with me today, I'm happy to say, and he always encourages me when I am working on some clay project.  I agree with what mst01 wrote:  Working with clay should be a plus for you in more ways than one.  So welcome to this site!


From: QuietBloom6/23/18 11:42 AM 
To: Kathryn Archuleta (KathrynArchu) unread  (6 of 9) 
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Hello! I also have a chronic pain disorder, so although we may not have the same condition, I can relate. Certainly I find that working on my art pieces is very therapeutic though I forget to eat, drink, do the pesky laundry - etc. Even take my pain meds!

I warmly wish you the best, from a fellow newbie.



From: JNyago6/26/18 1:54 PM 
To: QuietBloom unread  (7 of 9) 
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It's really wonderful that working on art distracts you from your pain so well that you even forget to do other things.   [For the latter effect, from personal experience, I can also recommend old age.  ;0) ]    I have some pain now--though, happily, it is intermittent--and when it is upon me, focusing on the pleasure of creating with polymer clay certainly helps a lot.


From: Belladawnas7/1/18 6:09 PM 
To: QuietBloom unread  (8 of 9) 
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I am new here today, although not to clay or jewelry and saw your post.  I have RSD/CRPS in over half my body from a botched spine implant surgery.  I’ve taken time off from jewelry making and jumping back in.  I forgot how important having my creative outlet is.  I’m about to start with resin myself, I put it off afraid the chemicals may make things worse, but there is so much I want to try!!!  Hope you are having a low pain day :) 


From: JNyago7/12/18 1:05 AM 
To: Belladawnas unread  (9 of 9) 
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Welcome, Belladawnas.  Botched spine implant surgery sounds horrible.  I hope your RSD is not progressive. (I just looked up RSD/CRPS because I had never heard of them before.)  I will be looking forward to what you and others do with resin.  A brooch and a pendant are still sitting there on my old crafting desk, challenging me to do something for them with resin, but life has been so busy lately that I always have an excuse to put it off till a better time, (=guilty QL).  (I just made up "QL" for quiet laugh.  Somehow, LOL doesn't seem appropriate for when you are admitting guilt!)


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