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Started 10/12/16 by PennyCC; 882 views.

From: PennyCC


Rules of Our Poodle Forum

1.  Be respectful:  Be respectful even if you disagree with another member.  You are entitled to your opinion, but others do not have to agree with you.  If one member or several members disagree totally with another member, agree to disagree and move on.  In other words, you can debate and argue, but you can't fight here.

2.  Tone of Posts:  Written words do not always convey the feelings behind them.  Take a moment to read over your words before posting to make sure you mean what you are saying. You do not want to feel insulted by another member. Please try not to insult them accidentally by not being careful of your wording.

3. Inappropriate Language:  Posts that contain obscene, hateful, or threatening language will be removed.  Repeated use of such language will result in a warning, suspension, or permanent banning.

4. No trolling, harassment, stalking or other forms of cyberbullying are allowed. If moderators receive complaints, members may be asked to stay away from each other on the forum whether or not a judgment is actually made about the concerns expressed. If this does not keep the peace, other measures may be taken.

5. Poodle Crossbreeds/Hybrids: This forum does not promote the breeding of poodles to other dog breeds for the intentional production of hybrids.  We welcome the owners of poodle mix dogs to this forum, but please do not post to promote this type of breeding.

6.  Spam / Advertising / Self-Promotion:  Spam is unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites, or posts with little, or completely unrelated content. This forum is for the use of private individuals, not for commercial use by breeders wanting to sell puppies or breed a dog/bitch, or businesses wanting to sell dog products. Posts promoting commercial businesses will be removed. 

7. Topics of Thread:  While no one owns a thread, if replies on a thread are disrespectful or totally off-topic, the Original Poster (OP) of that thread can request a moderator to delete a post or close a thread.  The moderator will decide if action is required.  If a person wants to go off topic, it is suggested that a new thread be started.

8. Copyrighted Material: When posting content copied from another site, give appropriate citations to that site, especially important if that content is "owned" or copyright protected.

9. Arguments started on other forums:  If you were on another forum and had repeated arguments with someone you did not get along with, leave those arguments on that other forum.  Please don't bring them over to Our Poodle Forum.  Thank you.

How does a member report a post?
You can send a PM to one of the staff members.

What happens if the rules are broken?
1st offense  – A member will receive a warning.
2nd offense – A member will receive a 1 week suspension from the forum.
3rd  offense – A member will be banned permanently from the forum.

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