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From: Sydney63012/7/15 11:26 AM 
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I am SO LOST! So sad! This is my 3rd child. My first has autism. My second has no conditions. My third is a little girl! Little Ava has Potters. We are 26 weeks and very sad. I am NOT prepared for the day she comes. I am so afraid of watching her struggle to breath. I am so happy to meet her but I know I will fall apart when it is time to say good bye... 

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From: faithterry1/17/16 10:34 PM 
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I am so sorry you received those messages from a very ignorant person.  I want to extend my deepest condolences for the loss of your child.  I will pray for your comfort and for your family.  This is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through.  My daughter had a Potters baby in 2008 and it was a devastating experience for all of us.  She has since had 2 healthy babies.  I pray you will find peace.  Love,  Faith


From: ~Michele~ (MicheleKS) Posted by host1/18/16 12:28 AM 
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Sorry I missed the messages earlier on.  I have deleted them!  I think that is why many prefer to use FB now as I can monitor the people who join the group!  I am very sorry Sydney630 about the earlier messages.  Unfortunately trolls make there way onto our pages sometimes and can be cruel and relentless.  This persons comments are now deleted and if I see them again they will be deleted!!!






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From: ~Michele~ (MicheleKS) Posted by host1/18/16 12:42 AM 
To: Sydney630 unread  (7 of 7) 
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If you have access to Facebook we have a Facebook site you can go to that is safe and we have no trolls.  Just search for Potter's Syndrome Forum on Facebook and you will find us.  I will watch for your request.






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