The Protection Of Unalienable Rights-Pur

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A place for American state Citizens to orient themselves for agreement upon the most prime right and intent of the Constitution. The right to protect all other rights.

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Welcome to The Protection Of Unalienable Rights-Purpose of free speech

Based on the premise that that no right can be protected if all rights cannot be protected.

These things are never taught in government schools and the history surrounding the facts of the precedent relied upon, the framing documents of America, has been pilfered.

A focus on definition of un-a-lein-able rights retained, but not listed, which are not to be denied of disparaged.  Thorough practices which define "the people as the rightful masters of the congress and the court" the people WILL become the masters of the congress and the court.

This forum is dedicated to the eternal formation of social skills of law and diplomacy "of and for the people".