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Future of QD and QH   General Discussion

Started Sep-8 by PLuippold; 295 views.

From: PLuippold


I've contacted Dave Groves, ( current president of Quickreckoning.com, Inc.), and inquired about the future of QD and QH. Here is the conversation:

I have tried to shut down the subscription side of things at this point.
It's not practical to believe that I can pick up Mike's software and go with
it. I have a full time job and can't possibly retire at this point and take
it on. That being said, I want users to be able to do what they can with the
system as long as possible. Already, there is an issue with wheeling of
course. Mike would have known exactly where to look. Probably not a big
deal, but to sift through his laptop, his server, and the webhosting
platform is not an easy business. Lots  of scripts running at various times
throughout the day and night. My best hope is to find a log that indicates
an error, but at this point, I only have time to look at it as a recreation
type of thing.
Right, now, I have to get going to work. Anyway, if there is a forum, maybe
you could post that for now, It will be up, but things that break are for
the most part not coming back.
Oh, and on subscriptions, I have a user who will come to a close sept 9th. I
am going to see if I can manually extend it - if I can, I am happy to extend
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From: KFarah


Hi Paul -

I've sent you an email directly. I like to try to help them out where possible, details in the email I sent.


In reply toRe: msg 2

From: PLuippold


I’ve forwarded your email to Dave Groves, at:



From: KFarah


Great thanks!