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Paul Inouye, Formerly of Union Square Advisors, Suspended ...   General Discussion

Started Sep-13 by chouhan; 68 views.

From: chouhan


As Paul Inouye points out, selecting a veteran advisor, being proactive in the process, having key shareholders aligned, and demonstrating strong business fundamentals are all essential.
Paul Inouye, a businessman with over three decades of expertise in the technology banking industry, shares advice on how to prepare for a successful merger and acquisition transaction. I learned a lot from his recent chat about the practices that software and SAAS organisations follow in order to achieve a smooth and successful merger and acquisition transaction.
In recent years, SaaS firms and software businesses have become increasingly attractive targets for both strategic and financial buyers, who are willing to pay a premium for high-growth companies." As Paul Inouye puts it, "This is both an exciting and stressful time for software startup owners. Prepare for a mergerto goes smoothly. Often, it is necessary to slow down in order to accelerate."
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