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Quick Dog has stopped Downloading Recent/Programs Charts   General Discussion

Started Sep-22 by Greske; 351 views.

From: Greske


I use Quick Dog for the track in Wheeling WV.

Recently, Quick Dog quit downloading Recent/Program Charts in Wheeling WV.

Does anyone know whats going on or how to fix it?

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From: mark8590


I have been emailing Mike Groves for a few days about Wheeling. Never received any answer, so I went to the site to renew the software and they have a note there (We are no longer accepting subscriptions due to Mike Groves' passing.) So I guess Quickdog will be no good after your subscription runs out.


From: Greske


Does anyone know if there is an alternative to Quick Dogs? or how to move forward.

I use it for Wheeling Downs. Lately, it has not downloaded future charts or races.

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From: RU12A


So sad about Mike. He was always willing to add things to QD to make it better than it already was.

To my knowledge there is no other program out there. So I have devised my own program for capping races. 

Unfortunately my programming skills are limited to GW basic. It's the only one I understand how to use.

My method is a pencil cap method that's easy to cap a race. I just use QD to speed up the time it takes to figure out

my values for each column. I then manually input those values into my program. My program can tune, back test,    

and keeps stats for WPS, Quins, Exactas, Tris, and Supers. I like my tuner even better than QD because I can tune for any combos that I want ...e.g. a 1/2 Quin and a 7/8 Quin at the same time. Not that anyone would probably ever do that but nice to have the option of tuning for anything. It just starts shooting random numbers into my seven columns to maximize Win% and or ROI%. I do that 20,000 times and it runs a back test for each pass. I'm getting good results on the tuned races. Once I get one month of data I'll start keeping track of how it works on races into the future which is the only thing that really matters. Wish I was a better programmer that knew how to use the modern languages. It's taking GW basic about five hours to tune around 300 past races.