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Why we Can Choose Aluminum Window for Frame   General Discussion

Started May-3 by comaiwindow; 46 views.

From: comaiwindow


Aluminium is by far the most durable material used in the manufacture of frames for windows.

The inherent strength of aluminium means that it will not be affected by temperature changes and will not be affected by changes in temperature

  • Flex
  • Twist
  • Expand
  • Contract

The timber and uPVC can both be affected by warping when exposed to various climates. For instance, timber window frames could begin to warp when the material is exposed to excessive moisture or is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. When the wood warps and expands, it could affect the way that windows fit into the frame, creating problems with thermal efficiency as well as functioning.

uPVC frames can also be prone to warping during high temperatures which could make the frame expand or contract to make frames difficult to shut and open.

Aluminium isn't impacted by such aspects, and due to its strength in itself, it allows windows to be constructed to be significantly larger, without sacrificing security standards. The design options are a lot more flexible, which means that greater light and less profile are possible. If you want an Aluminum Window in Perth then you can Contact Com-AL window for the best price and service