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What is Azure AD   General Discussion

Started Oct-4 by Willjoe2442; 70 views.

From: Willjoe2442


Azure AD is a cloud-based user management platform often introduced to organizations via the purchase of an Office 365 license or Azure subscription. Although IT teams commonly start their organizations with Azure AD Free or Office 365 apps (since those are included with a subscription to either service), organizations often look to upgrade their AD Azure Premium P1 or P2 licenses.

AAD paid licenses are used alongside a directory service, and as such, complement features of an existing directory. Organizations often implement AAD Premium P1 in conjunction with a core identity provider, but many are aware that AAD Premium P1 can be used entirely on its own to manage Microsoft 365/Azure identities, as well as enact single sign-on (SSO) for pre-integrated web applications. Below, we evaluate Azure DevOps Premium P1’s capabilities as a standalone tool, and how organizations can best utilize AAD Premium P1’s services.

Benefits of Azure AD Premium P1

Azure AD Premium P1 offers the following features:

All of the features listed for Azure AD Office 365 apps
SSO for an unlimited number of pre-integrated SaaS applications-Self-service application assignments to enable users to self-discovery and request access to applications; this enables cloud app discovery
On-premises write-back for all password changes
Group-based access management and provisioning (comes with additional provisioning customization)
Advanced usage reporting
Application proxy for remote access to on-prem applications
Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) Client Access Licenses (CAL) + MIM server for simplified lifecycle user management
Conditional access based on device state or location and group
Automated password rollover for group accounts
For Windows 10 Pro: desktop SSO, Microsoft Passport for Azure AD, and Administrator Bitlocker recovery-MDM auto-enrollment, self-service BitLocker recovery, additional local admin tooling to Windows 10 Pro devices via Azure AD Join
The premium features offered by Azure AD Premium P1 are attractive. However, there are drawbacks to consider with AAD Premium P1 as a holistic identity management solution.

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