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How Do I Reset My PayPal Password: - 1-844-221-9833 or Account Information?   General Discussion

Started Jan-4 by justin0786; 88 views.

From: justin0786


PayPal makes it simple and intuitive for PayPal users to easily reset PayPal password or change PayPal account information on their website, PayPal.com. We walk you through how to fix this issue as quickly as possible.

PayPal, the worldwide online payment system, operates in 202 markets and boasts over 305 million active, registered accounts. These PayPal account holders require quick and easy methods to change PayPal password and other account information. Luckily, PayPal provides that

How Do I Reset My PayPal Password Or Account Information?

PayPal affords their account holders a great deal of flexibility to change not only their PayPal password, but many other PayPal account information. These include:

  • PayPal Password
  • PayPal Account Profile Picture
  • Your Legal Name
  • Mailing Address (es)
  • Email Address (es)
  • Phone Number (s)
  • PayPal Security Questions
  • PayPal Payment Preferences
  • PayPal Automatic Payments
  • PayPal Notification Preferences
  • Online Selling Options
  • And More

Primarily, the most common changes PayPal account holders want to make include their password, profile picture, mailing and email address (es), and security questions. Let's walk through how to change those.

How to Change Your PayPal Account Information

  • PayPal Login to your account at PayPal.com.
  • Click the Settings icon (the mechanical gear in upper right-hand corner of page).
  • Ensure you're on the Account page. Notice there are four sections on this page: Profile, Account options, Address, Email, and Phone.
  • The PayPal Account page where you change the majority of your PayPal account settings in the appropriate sections. Updating your various PayPal account data is self-explanatory. Just remember to save your changes.
  • Note that your Social Security Number, Nationality, and Merchant ID cannot be changed.

How to Change Your PayPal Password

  • Login to PayPal account at PayPal.com.
  • Click the Settings icon (the mechanical gear in upper right-hand corner of page).
  • Click the Security link at the top of the page.
  • Click Update to the right of the Password section.
  • Enter your current PayPal password along with your new PayPal password in the fields provided.
  • Verify your new PayPal password in the field provided and click the Change Password button.
  • You PayPal password have been updated.

I Forgot My PayPal Password

In the event you forget PayPal password, select the having trouble logging in? Link on the PayPal login page. Verify your PayPal email address, and follow the options in the security check screens to reset your PayPal password.