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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/1/17 3:38 PM 
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A couple of years before I retired, my daughter convinced me to go to the Goodwill store with her.  Not my favorite thing because I don't normally find anything interesting.  That day, however, I found a section where they put craft related items and surprise, surprise.  There was a whole box of individually packaged quilt block kits.  They were BOMs that Hancock Fabrics had run years before.  I don't know exactly how old they are but I would guess that they're now around 11 or 12 years old.  Probably from around the time the local Hancock Fabric store closed.  There are two BOM series and about 22 or 23 of the blocks for each BOM series.  A couple of patterns are missing from each set and there are a lot of duplicates.  I will say they were very generous with the amount of fabric in each kit.  One set is in solid blue, yellow and green.  I'll be able to make two twin size quilts using fabric from my stash for borders and sashing.  The other set has a focus print fabric with coordinating solids and I'll probably make a large double bed size quilt with those.  I ran across a picture of one of the quilt blocks and that's what reminded me of them.  After a search, I also found a picture of the other one.  These are not on my list for this year but I will make them up next year when I make quilts for all the grandkids.  I even know who'll be getting which. :-D 

Put your cursor over the center of the picture and it will enlarge so that you can see the details.

Have you ever run across a fantastic bargain like this when you least expected it? 

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From: willferg3/1/17 4:36 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 146) 
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Oh, yeah! I used to roam through Joann's clearance aisle on a regular basis looking for scores. I love fabric, and I love sales, and I LOVE fabric on sale, lol. One time I saw a kit with several fabrics on clearance. The box had been torn open, and so there it sat. I waited and waited until it was marked to 70% off clearance and got it all for few bucks. Score!


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/1/17 6:01 PM 
To: willferg  (3 of 146) 
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It makes you feel like you won the lottery when that happens! lol


From: Pamjr3/3/17 10:41 AM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 146) 
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When I lived in Santa Clara County in Ca.,my friend and I went to the flea markets every week. Thank god I moved or I'd have so much stuff,I'd need extra house. We would find old quilts,quilt tops, fabric,wool,quilt books and more. We also found mohair bears,yellow ware,Jadeite,Bakelite and on and on. You name it and we found it. My favorite find was a 1800s quilt top for $1.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/3/17 11:00 AM 
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That sounds fantastic!  Do you know the pattern for the 1800s top? 


From: Pamjr3/3/17 2:10 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 146) 
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It's put away,but it's an applique top. It has simple flowers and leaves. I'm thinking it's a wreath design. The fabric that was green is brown. I have it in a pillowcase packed away. I couldn't believe it when I found it. I was on my way to a teddy bear class and thought I might as well stop at the flea,as it was on my way. I don't even remember what else I found. I couldn't get my dollar out fast enough. LOL It was just some guy selling his mom's or grandmother's stuff. It didn't mean squat to him,but meant a lot to me!  to find stuff all the  When I was into Redwork,I found a large Redwork summer quilt that some guy was using as a blanket,to put his stuff on. So think about that when you spend weeks or months making a quilt for someone. Most people don't give a squat about handmade things.  A million years ago,I was visiting my mother and my half brother was looking for something to lay on while he was working under his car. He was going to grab one of my great grand mother's quilts. I said,no your not and scooped all the ones my mother had and took them home. And this was at least 20 years before I even thought about quilting.



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/3/17 3:21 PM 
To: Pamjr  (7 of 146) 
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It sounds wonderful.  I know what you mean about the quilts.  I remember going to a garage sale and seeing a quilt, wadded up, dirty and shabby.  I asked if they'd sell it but the woman said no because it was made by their mother.  It was a shadow applique and they'd been treating it like a dropcloth to catch oil spills in their garage.  Yeah, they really cherished that one.  I don't expect for everyone to love quilts like I do but at least respect that someone had cared about it and spent a lot of time making it.


From: Pamjr3/3/17 8:33 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 146) 
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As I get older,I find people don't have much "respect" for much of anything(including themselves).


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/17/17 11:27 AM 
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There are a lot of sales going on this weekend between St. Patrick's Day and National Quilting Day tomorrow.  I made the resolve a couple of years ago not to buy any new fabric except white and very few quilting supplies.  I've stayed with that but I still look!  :-D  Craftsy has a selection of Civil War repros for $5 a yard.

Eleanor Burns has 25% off all her Clover products and free shipping all weekend and a lot of other things.

Pretty much every where you look will be having some kind of special deal so if there's anything you need, this might be a good time to shop for it.

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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/9/17 12:24 PM 
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In the last 20+ years, I've bought something off of E-bay three or four times and that was mostly books.  Every couple of years or so, I'll look through some of the quilt tops that are listed.  I found several today that I thought looked interesting.  The first one only has a few hours left before it expires.  It's a purple and white Drunkard's Path pattern.  I don't love DPs because they don't love me back but I did consider this because I can see how it would look after it's quilted.  Really pretty.  There are eight bids right now so later in the day there might be a last minute dog fight.

This one is really beautiful but it does need some love and a few repairs.
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