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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 9:00 AM 
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Every Thursday morning I'll post the link to an online nine patch block pattern that will measure 12" finished.  Some of the websites give instructions for more than one size and most of them can be easily resized if you want a 6" or 9" block.  Right now my goal is to make 25 blocks for a queen size quilt top so we would wrap this up in about six months.  If you don't need that many, you'll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to make.  The object of this is to make a quilt top with simple patterns that go together easily - painlessly.  :-D

You can make these completely scrappy or controlled scrappy or use the same set of fabrics for all the blocks.  These will look great with whatever you choose.  Pull out some of your oldest fabric that seems to never go away and finally put it to use because this kind of BOW is a great stashbuster!  What color theme are you using and what size quilt do you want to make?  Is this going to be a quilt of your very own or will it be a gift?  So many choices!

block #1 - msg #2  Calico Puzzle
block #3 - msg #59  Prairie Queen
block #4 - msg #62  Eccentric Star
block #5 - msg #107  Greek Cross
block #6 - msg #117  Friendship Star
block #7 - msg #128  Brasstown Star
block #8 - msg #138  Churn Dash
block #11 - msg 175 Broken Sugar Bowl
block #12 - msg 175  Shoofly
block #13 - msg 179  Contrary Wife 
block #14 - msg 185  A Dandy


block #15 - msg 194 Jacob's Ladder


block #16 - msg 201     Darting Birds or Baby Bud

This pattern has one name but when you turn it upside down it has another name - Baby Bud and Darting Birds.


Here is a 9" pattern showing the reverse.


block #17 - msg 208    Ohio Star


block #18 - msg 208    Broken Wheel     
block #19 - msg 224    Practical Orchard
block #20 - msg 227   Maple Leaf
block #21 - msg 228   Crossroads

block #22 - msg 229   Buttercup
block #23 - msg 233  Double Necktie  I could only find this in a 9" pattern but it's s
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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 9:02 AM 
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Our first block is the cute and lively Calico Puzzle.  I've always thought this is the perfect scrappy pattern to make an entire quilt top with.  Use some of your smaller fabric bits and pieces to make your blocks in a 7 1/2" finished size and alternate them with a plain square.  Terrific!!  The instructions given are for a 6" block but if you look down the page you'll find the chart with the cutting sizes for the 12" block.



From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)4/6/17 11:32 AM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 247) 
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Ok here we go. I'm in on this one. Now to answer the questions. At the end I will have a question back to you.

1. What color: Civil War prints and cream shirtings. (scrappy) maybe a cheddar

2.The size will be for a twin bed

3. Who is it for: One for me and one for a q.Pal who can no longer see to make quilts

Ok and my question for you is: I have plenty of fabric but where can I get a discount on a certified copy of craziness because for me to make two more quilts I surly must be NUTS! smile



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 11:43 AM 
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I started collecting these nine patch blocks to make a red/white/blue quilt for my stepson.  I'm planning to alternate the nine patch blocks with a chain block but I haven't decided yet if the chain will be red or blue.  I'm leaning towards red because I think the blocks are going to be mostly the dark blue.  Because they are easy blocks that are quick to make and I have a lot of fabric that needs to be used, I do plan to make a second set of this BOW.  I just couldn't decide what fabric to use.  I first thought 30s repros then remembered a group of fabrics I've had that I'd like to see a finished quilt from.  Then, this morning I posted about pulling out one of your oldest fabrics that you'd like to get made up into something.  Bingo!  I have two yards of a smallish blue rose print on a pale yellow background.  It would be a great focus fabric to use with all my blue scraps.  I'm pretty sure that's the one I'll end up using.  Unless I remember another piece that's been hanging around forever.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 11:56 AM 
To: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)  (5 of 247) 
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But this is going to be a painless BOW, Char!  Easy blocks spread out over a long period of time.  :-D  Look at it this way, you already have 20,000 yards of fabric so it would be crazier to let it sit and never use it up!  Right?  lol  I think it's great that you're making one for your friend.  Have you thought about what kind of setting you'll use?  Or will you make the blocks and then see what sounds the most appealing?   I'll be very surprised if you don't include a little cheddar in at least one of the tops.  Not a lot, just some of your scraps used here and there in a few of the blocks. 

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From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)4/6/17 12:28 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 247) 
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20,000 yards? have you been counting over my shoulder LOL? I think so and I hope so because I've been tossing every third piece of fabric toward whoever is there LOL

Settings?????? Nope I'm still too 'weak' after agreeing to jump in here....(No isn't one of my fav words <G>) I do promise to find something interesting...maybe a friendship star for cornerstones??????

I do have 10 cheddarish prints already selected for this project. 10 minutes and I'll have the CW prints ready to go. The shirtings may have to be different unless I walk in the room and put my hands on them in a few minutes. (I do have t-o-t creams I can use for the light colors.) 

So far everything appears to be falling into place. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did set up my cutting table to get these made today. Now let's hope the calendar of events in this family change for the better and from now until the second weekend in May smooths out.

off to cuttttttttttttttttttttttttt :-)



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 12:52 PM 
To: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)  (7 of 247) 
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I'll be working on mine this afternoon/evening.  I have my reds and blues together ready to go, I just hadn't picked out what I want for this block yet.  Also have to pull out my white/WOW scraps that I'll be using as background in the pieced blocks.  Still muttering to myself about what to use for the second set.


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)4/6/17 1:11 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 247) 
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As you know, the ugliest part of a big fancy meal (???FANCY wink) is washing the four pans used for said meal, and that task is over, the daily activities are behind me so now it is full seAm ahead <G> I just love when 'tasks' are over.

I hope you find the color you're looking for I'm on the hunt in that "Safe place" I put my rotary cutter LOL (a map might work here <G>)

May we get our blocks checked off the to-do list today.....now can we get a couple of the other delightful lurkers to join us? I am certain they will have a great time working thru the blocks together with us.

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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/6/17 1:47 PM 
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I'm dirtying the pans right now.  Only two and a microwave bowl to clean since I'm cooking the roast in a foil pan.  My dishwasher is my own two hands and I see no reason to put myself through the un-joys of scrubbing a big greasy roaster pan when I can use the foil and toss it out!     


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)4/6/17 1:52 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 247) 
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh we see eye to eye on how to use our great dish washers...our own hands LOL 

I actually owned a dishwasher once...found my hands didn't need to be rolled over to a sink, and hooked up, to then load and unload, said washer. Yeppers that which I came into the world with is the best of the best <G>


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