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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/6/17 12:59 PM 
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I thought I'd start a separate thread to post videos in whenever I find something interesting. 

This first one is a seven minute tutorial on making a quick baby blanket using flannels.

Here is another five and dime quilt video with Jenny Doan using cotton fabric, not flannel.  It looks like the key to making these in any fabric is to pink the edges.

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From: nlpakkala5/7/17 9:48 AM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 40) 
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Thanks Karen! I watched both videos, great ideas and hope to use one of them "down the road" when I get some time.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/7/17 9:59 AM 
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I love Dresden Plate quilts and, really, who doesn't?  lol  I have three Jenny Doan videos on how to make them.  She uses charms and layer cakes for hers but you can cut your own sizes you need from stash.  The first is a standard Dresden Plate quilt tutorial.  The second one is making a Grandmother's Fan because you use the same blades.  I liked this video because she shows a rounded edge rather than a point but she zigzags her edges down and I have a thing about raw edges.   An alternative is, after pinning your fan to the block, use a washable marker to draw a seam allowance along the curved edge then turn the edge under.  You may not need to draw the seam allowance on but I have to have a guide to turn it under evenly.  The third video is making a fantastic checkerboard Dresden Plate.  Enjoy!


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/8/17 3:07 PM 
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This video shows how to tie a quilt using the international stitch.  Frankly, I'd never heard of it before but it is interesting and next time I tie one of my quilts, I'll use this method.
This is a good, detailed video on layering your quilt and loading it on to a floor frame.
19th Century Women and Their Quilts



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/15/17 9:53 AM 
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I won't always do Jenny Doan videos, that's just what I'm stuck on right now because they're clear and to the point.  First one is about making any quilt block a "quilt as you go".  This might be a good project for all those handkerchiefs I have stashed back.

This one is on mitering corners.

An easy quilt pattern.



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/17/17 10:58 AM 
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Since we (I) have been talking about Lone Stars off and on, here are some videos that show up close and in detail how to make one. 

Jordan Fabrics shows their method of cutting individual diamonds and sewing them together.  What I liked about their video was how they use their cutting mat to get the correct angles rather than depending on the ruler.  They use 3" strips for their star and have a printable set of instructions on their website.  They also show how to put the top together without using set in squares and triangles.  I have mixed feelings about how they do it.
This is the method I used with 2 1/2" WOF strips, sewn together and then cut.
This video makes a 30" block and is actually a Blazing Star pattern.  It's also known as West Virginia Star.  It makes a pretty four block quilt with wide sashing and a fancy border - I'm not gonna say the "a" word but I'm thinking it.  :-D   A true Lone Star quilt is The Big One.

From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/17/17 11:37 AM 
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If you want to make someone a wedding quilt that gets a lot of ooohs and aaahs, this is it.  The Giant Dahlia is not very well known anymore but it makes an impressive quilt.  It isn't difficult to make but does take a little time since you're working with curves and more curves.  I knew of only one pattern online so I was really excited to find an online tutorial with printable templates.

This tutorial includes a two part video.  I wasn't sure I cared for her technique until I saw it all the way through.  Instead of pinning her arcs together, she glues them and she uses a large circle for the center.  The original Giant Dahlia has a star in the center and the arcs come out of each star point. 
This is the only other free pattern I knew of.
Has anyone made a Giant Dahlia?
 ?    Image result for giant dahlia quilt pattern    Image result for giant dahlia quilt pattern



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/17/17 12:50 PM 
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I looked for a Dahlia quilt pattern which is not the same as a Giant Dahlia and apparently it's another one that is fading into oblivion.  Marcia Hohn has a variation with appliqued petals that she calls Amish Dahlia.  The original pattern (I'll keep searching)  had an inserted, gathered piece for the petal.

I also found an interesting website.  By strip piecing, this quilter actually reduced her Giant Dahlia to an 18" block - a Wee Giant Dahlia!  Printable template and instructions are at the bottom of the page.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/17/17 9:47 PM 
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Hah!  Never let it be said that I give up the search!  These articles talk about the Dahlia pattern and have Pictures!  When you look at the close up, you can see that each star point is shaped something like a pie server.  The bottom curves in on both sides and the gathered petal insert is sewn into that space.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/18/17 9:09 AM 
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I found these two videos showing how to make a quick scrap quilt.  I particularly like the first one because it takes no brain power and very little time.  You could start cutting 2 1/2" strips and sewing them together end to end at odd moments and when you have a tubful, turn them into a quilt top! 

I think Bonnie Hunter is the Queen of fabric recycling for quilts.  I've been thinking about following her lead and going to Goodwill for men's shirts to cut up for quilts.  I use so much white that it would help my yardage go further if I had shirt prints for some of my blocks.
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