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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/13/17 2:22 PM 
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From: SharonG/FL (SHAZZAG)7/13/17 10:12 PM 
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Thanks for separating the two QALs, Karen.  I'm using 1 1/2" squares but don't plan to make a very large size as I get bored making the same thing over and over and over again.  :-) 



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/13/17 10:57 PM 
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I really like this but since I'm doing the other one that's also made with a lot of squares, I think I'd be overloaded.  There's also the big star QAL that's made with squares.  I really like it, too, but .... you can have too much of a good thing. lol   I just now finished getting all my 6 1/2" squares and the strips cut for Grandma's QAL and I've started cutting the 7 1/2" squares for the QSTs.  Before I start sewing any of them, though, I have to get caught up on our BOW!

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From: SharonG/FL (SHAZZAG)7/13/17 11:30 PM 
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We'll see how far I get on these little squares quilt alongs.  I have 2 I'm playing with....The Irish Star, Bonnie Hunter has one going using 1 1/2" squares and strips and I'm thinking about the Butterfly Threads Big Star but using 2" squares for that one.  Those 3 plus Grandma's Patchwork and the BOW and BOM is keeping my mind busy.



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/14/17 12:04 PM 
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The Butterfly Threads star is the other one I'd like to make.  It officially starts this Sunday, the 16th.  I really like it for a grandson's quilt but if I make it, I won't start it until after I finish Grandma's Patchwork. 


From: SharonG/FL (SHAZZAG)7/14/17 11:20 PM 
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I have the Big Star design penciled out on graph paper in order to keep me aware of it. I don't plan to start it soon, though.  I know I have a lot of 2" strips but not sure about whites/wows/neutrals.

I worked on the Irish Stars today.....not sewing but cutting fabric for the stars and making a 'kit' for the block so it'll be easy to pick it up and sew.



From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/15/17 12:34 AM 
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That's a good idea.  If you don't work on it anymore before you leave, it will be waiting for you and you won't have to figure it all out again.


From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/19/17 10:31 AM 
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Butterfly Threads has posted the first step in its big star quiltalong.  As I work on other projects,  I'm cutting extra 2 1/2" strips to fill a tub with.  If I do get to this one, I want to be ready to start cutting all those squares!  I really, really like this for a no brainer quilt.  :-D




From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/20/17 10:57 AM 
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Part 3 of the Irish Stars quiltalong is a tutorial for making Irish Chain blocks.  I'll pass along my own method of making these blocks, FWIW.  When you look at the picture, you can see that it's 4 four patches connected with a pieced sash.  I make a tub full of four patch blocks.  Then I cut my white (or whatever background I'm using) into 2 1/2" strips, sew them to fabric strips and subcut into 2 1/2" sections.  Join two of the four patches with a 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" section of the sash.  Finally, I sew the remaining sashes onto a center scrappy square and use that sash to connect two of the four patch sections.  Just remember to always keep your white/background fabric on the outer ends.  Everybody finds their own way of making things like this, that's just mine because I like to make things in steps.


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From: SharonG/FL (SHAZZAG)7/20/17 6:30 PM 
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I have a start on this Summer Star Scrappy (xmas fab) and have about 50 strips of 3 squares in preparation for the scrappy 9 patches.  I've sorted and have found some scrappy triangles that will work for the split 9 patch, but haven't done anything about the neutral background.  I'm done with this one until I get back in Sept. :-) 



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