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From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 2:01 PM 
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Am sure you've answered this a dozen times.  But can I make good quilts for human donations from the old stuff from the 70s?  I've made oodles of them for the local animal shelter and they last forever.  Shelter has hundreds of them and can't use any more.


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)10/3/17 2:51 PM 
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welcome!....where were you last year when I could have, would have, purchased some of that fabric for a repair I had to do :-) 

Polyester was not to be found in the Twin Cities when I needed it.....

To ANSWER your question. If this is a donation question I'm sure the homeless would benefit very much from a polyester quilt. They are nearly indestructible, the need is there and certainly would hold up under the heavy wear. 

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From: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 4:20 PM 
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Yes, you can and you're right, they do wear like iron.  One of my sisters inherited a fabric stash from a friend and there was a lot of polyester knit and poly blends.  We made quilts out of it and donated them to a homeless shelter.  We mostly made kid/lap size quilts using poly blends for a top and backing with a layer of knit in between for a batting, then tied them.  I see pieced poly knit quilts and tops on ebay, too.  Here are some I just found.



From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 5:15 PM 
To: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)  (4 of 36) 
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Oh, thank you for the welcome!  You all are so talented on here I am embarrassed to post.

  My dear aunt has given me truck loads (literally) of double knit polyester.  I just do basic 4 or 9 patch mostly for the shelter so they're nothing fancy.  But you're right.  They are indestructible!  Umm...Twin that St. Paul and Minniapolis?  I've never been up there.  Too bad.  I would have loved to give you some polyester.  We live in southeastern MO but just returned from a trip to Idaho.


From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 5:17 PM 
To: Irish Karen (kdf50) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 36) 
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Thank you!  I can see I still have my work cut out for me.  My parents' recently widowed friend also gave me his late wife's yarn stash so one way or another I'll be minding my own knitting this winter.  :)


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)10/3/17 7:52 PM 
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Yeppers I live in Minneapolis. Does your area of the world get snow?

I was looking for a pattern and found a kewl pattern for your 4 Patches. This is done in rows from North to South begin with a 4 patch, sew a bar (slightly narrower than the 4 patch and the same length of the 4 Patch) to this attach another 4 Patch....continue down the row until you have the desired length. Now begin the NEXT row with the narrow strip and then a 4 patch until it is the same length as row 1. continue until you have the size you want.I'll go back to see if I can find a pix for you.

erghhhhhhhhhhhh why didn't I do a cut and paste in the first place?????


From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 9:46 PM 
To: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)  (7 of 36) 
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Some years we don't get much snow and others we get quite a lot.  I'm used to snow since Idahoans ski but I really hate the ice storms we get here.  Seems Ma Nature has to throw a hissy fit every once in awhile no matter where we live.

That sounds like a pretty 4 patch!  Thanks for the idea.

I have to finish up the gardens for the year but once I get all that stuff put away I'll be ready for some quilting, knitting, and crocheting.


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)10/3/17 10:36 PM 
To: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 36) 
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"....quilting, knitting, and crochet".....sounds like you have found your new home. One or most do the same in this group. I know I am the only one that doesn't do the garden thang....I passed that on to my DD :-) 

They say as a person grows older the short term memory diminishes.....Must mean I am up to date in that regard....I can't remember what I had for breakfast but I can tell you where to buy the best boysenberry pie in Idaho....oh and it cost then 10¢ ok the dinosaurs no long wander the land but close to it LOL 


From: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/3/17 11:31 PM 
To: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)  (9 of 36) 
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Sometimes I would like to pass on the gardening thang.  But I fear I'm stuck for life.

We remember some of the best things!  My Mom's rhubarb and current pies made in Idaho were some of the best.  And um...actually Dinosaurs do still walk the earth there.  Mom wanted a small concrete or hard plastic one from Sinclair gas station.  Unfortunately they only had plush so I brought one home to my granddaughter.  Isn't he cute?  Image result for sinclair plush dinosaur


From: Char mnquilt (MNQUILT)10/4/17 12:01 AM 
To: SA (silentarbor) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 36) 
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Yes he is darling. I used to live in Mountain Home is that any where close to where you used to live. ( I lived there before they knew how to grow was nearly 100% sand and prairie dogs in 1951) I understand the town is very beautiful now. My 10¢ pie was sold at the one and only drug store.


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