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Freedom '16   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 2/3/16 by ModAndrea; 367499 views.

Hi Sue,

I know you will have a great time and it's so nice you can take the dogs,

Yeah some days are crazy.  Yesterday I did get to see the new grandchild though and that was wonderful.  She is 2 months now and filling out nicely.  I took new pics so will post the best one in Freedom Marchers soon,  

I am in process of putting the hose away for the winter.   Right now I have it dangling through the basketball hoop  to drain.   The temps are going to drop tonight.  

Oh, walks on the beach are the best.  I love the sound of the sea -so relaxing.  

Hi Sue I am glad I made it before you went on your holiday.I love those sort where you pack a few things and the dogs,no flights,no security checks and you can take what you want.I like the laid back time where we probably live in a pair of shorts and pop on a skirt later at night.

I had a very hard and difficult week wit hone of those things being a trip ti the vet.I also aggravated my nerve root problem in my back so crawled in with crutches.In actual fact it was a safe place to go if anything went wrong and I was proud I actually made it.Our vet has an amazing bedside manner or is that basket?Hubby joked perhaps I should have a consult with him and I bet although I just referred to my dog now I was unwell the vet had seen what was wrong.

My wee girl Ilanna will be 14 on Xmas eve and after we were sick I knew she was not picking up.What I didn't know was she had lost 600 gm over the last year or so.She now is 2.76kg down from 3.3kg.OK now it doesn't look much but its quite a bit and she wont eat her biscuits which I feel is because shes bored with them after 10-12 years and I don't think she digests them.

The vet also gave her the vaccines.The one up the nose and the injection we supply our tiny little muzzle for him as she sure has plenty of life and with hardly any teeth left can nip still.He reassured me she was a 4 in the 1-10 scale they use and was even overweight a bit before.I told him I had started feeding little bits of chicken breast fried in coconut oil and giving less vegetables plus when I feed cottage pie etc.I am to continue to try and tempt her as these little ones are apparently very tricky.Her heart and everything is OK too its just the eating.

I am hoping someone will tell me what they do/did for their toy companion to ge tit to eat.I have never had a dog that doesn't inhale its food and shove you out the way to get outside.Lana is obviously under the impression she is royalty and like warm,comfy paces .It was surprising when we made her come in the garden well suddenly she shot up the steep steps to the next level of garden as if she was a puppy.

I had been feeling worried about that and other things but I am praising myself for making it through another week and have been able to NOPE a few times here too.(considering that this is my Month from hell I am doing OK)

Have a great break and enjoy the beach with your fur family too.Eat lots of fish for me too


Hi Marge I see you have had a busy time and hope you are resting today.Nothing like putting your paws up for a wee while .The kids are so tiring and isnt that just the way when they all need you at once.I am sure you did your exercise rocking,jiggling little ones builds muscles and burns energy.

I wrote above re wee dog who is my constant companion .Here she is sharing a cuppa on a picnic table in the forest a few years back

Definitely spoiled and our furchild.

I love the plants you were given and we actually plant the one that looks like cabbage as a decorative one that is edible.Its a sort of Kale which is quite hardy here and will survive freezing and a bit of snow.When it gets the sun it gradually thaws and is fine.I love the other one and perhaps you can track its hardiness zone.Mine is quite warm with roughly -7 to -3 C or 20-27.Having said that a few years back we were frozen solid for days and we lost all our back garden and even plants in my conservatory(not heated)

Today there is no snow on the forecast but a bitter cold wind.I have just lit the fire as wee dog is sort of like a prem baby needing warmth to save calories being use to fatten up not keep warm.I will have to give her a jumper some days.It was almost freezing point last night here ans now has got up to 14C with a windchill of more than that .

Your loaf sounds gorgeous and I have never seen black walnuts as we have white only.Do you freeze it and then thaw before gifting or does it keep?I am awaiting warm weather for my Zucchini to grow.The first seed came up the got frozen.

I try really hard to keep occupied during these difficult times and growing seed to plant later helps a sI have to tend then daily.I love homegrown/made presents and my daughter and I are conferring over the phone as to what we are making.She wont get her frame off until next year but is walking without crutches(I hope carefully) while she waits for the bones to grow back together .Its so amazing that at nearly 40 her feet both face forward.Her hubby and I were saying we wouldn't have to say feet in feet in

Off to snuggle up warm while its quiet as I am alone for a bit


ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Triff

I'm so sorry that you've had the additional stress of Lana being unwell this month.  Talk about it never rains, but pours!! I do hope that she is responding well to her treatment and new diet and puts on a little more weight. Although, 600 gr isn't much, it is relatively a huge amount for a little 3.3 kg dog.  I can't really think of many tips although Zak, who is only 8 years old, has always been a faddy eater, unlike Scamp our other 'indoor' dog.  Luckily, they have learned to only eat from their own bowls so, as long as he knows someone is near enough to watch him!, Scamp doesn't steal the food Zak leaves.  These days, I put a little gravy or the oil from tinned tuna - anything moist and tasty - on the top of their dry biscuit food.  Also a few bits of chicken as we always have a roast chicken in the fridge as we eat loads of chicken.

The photograph of you and Lana enjoying a cuppa is delightful.  It's so good to put a face to a name here and you are beautiful.  Lana is really sweet, too.  I'm sorry that you have so much to contend with in your life.

I'm so glad that your daughter is getting along well.  She must be a very brave, strong young lady.  Goodness, when I hear of the type of problems she has had to deal with, it makes me feel very small and ungrateful when I moan about the odd ache and pain.  She, obviously, takes after her mum.

I am so looking forward to next week and do hope that the break lives up to expectations.  This is the place we're staying at:


You can see how close to the sea it is.  We have a small, ground floor apartment.  There are 8 in all in the house and we are hoping, at this time of year, that the others will be vacant and we have that part of the beach to ourselves!

Anyway, best get off but do take care.  I'm hoping to keep in touch next week but, as always, you'll be in my thoughts. Stay strong, this month will pass - everything does.

Hi Triff,

Oh your little dogie is a cute one.  I hope she gets much better-not a good sign if she is not eating, just like with humans I guess.

Yes, I wrap each loaf of zucchini several time and freeze them.  The I take one out at a time for gifts at Christmas  and send several through the mail to several folks i know.

Boy, your daughter has been through so much as you have.

So, the first two residents of the new tank are little dwarf suckers (otocinclus),   Very cute.

I am praising you too for your great attitude.  Give Lana a pat.

Hi Sue,

Just in case you don't have good internet at Antonio, have a wonderful time!

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Thanks Marge

I'm taking the laptop and hope that the internet will be OK.   I don't bother with internet on my phone as I only really use it for emergencies but Pete has it on his so I will be able to read and probably post a bit whatever.

I sure plan to have a good time and the weather is looking good for the week - around 68 and full sun most days. Probably won't be 'swimming in the sea' weather but be great for sitting listening to the waves and, of course, doing a bit of paddling!  I do love the sea - the smell and the sound of it always make me feel good.  I'm a Pisces star sign so I guess that's why I feel comfy near to water.

Anyway, I've just about got everything ready now.  My car had to have a new clutch - it's had so many problems recently that we are seriously thinking about getting something newer.  Trouble is, each time we pay out loads to get it fixed, we think that will be it for a while - then, of course, something else goes wrong.  We'll see when we get back.

Anyway, have a great weekend.  I'll try to send some pictures of the dogs on the beach and in the sea.

Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Thanks Marge for your kind comment.Lana is a bit worse today so I guess its going to be an up and down time until she settles.We have discovered we can weigh her in a little shoebox on my electronic scales.I was surprised she didn't kick up just sat there

So glad you got two suckers the kids will love them.Ours were called Boo as theyhad great funappaering and going nutty.Its lovely to see them stuck on the glass too as the kids can study the underside and see the little sucker.They dont have teeth just a cartilage shaped like a jaw that scrapes off algae.The will adore a half pea)cooked) squashed.For fun we would pop in a whole one minus skin and watch them play football.Of course we had to remove any left the next day for cleanliness.

I hope the tank goes well and I thought of you when I squashed a tiny snail that  have no idea where it came from.


Hi Sue,

No wonder you took a vacation:  Enjoy,

CONGRATULATIONS -  22 months is a big deal.   

Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


How clever of you to plan such a lovely holiday for your anniversary .It seems like we have all know each other for so long now and we probably know each other better than some we have actually met.