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Tricky 8-11 Months   Quit Support

Started 8/26/15 by ModAndrea; 131246 views.
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Just thought I would bring this thread forward again for those coming into the 8-11 month period.  Please read through it. Yes you will still need to struggle with craves that come out of nowhere!!! It takes a year or a little more till those nicotine receptors shut down. I read that so many people think they should feel better at 5-6-7 months but it takes much longer for your brain to rewire your memories and stop the continuous thoughts of smoking. Please hang in there and remember to have patience with this long slow road to freedom. Good luck to all of you and please keep on NOPING every day and help support each other through this difficult drug addiction!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: turtles


This is so good to know that I copied it and put it with my list of quotes that I read over.  Right now I’m in a great hiatus with cigarettes.  I haven’t missed or thought about them in three days and it’s been wonderful.

but when the time comes I’ll have this to remind me that I can keep on keeping on. Thank you!!

day 109


From: cmw0822


Thsnk you Debbie!!  The defintion of quit:  1)  to depart from    2) to set free    3) to leave the company of         4) to release from obligation.  5) to give up.       My favorite is # 3..  Have a wonderful NOPE day !! Cheryl

Emily (SamZahav)

From: Emily (SamZahav)


I second what turtles said!  Thank you so much, Debbie.  This is really a big help as I now start heading into my 6th month.  Big picture big picture.  A day at a time but also remember that this is all about getting time in, getting further and further away from that last cigarette, letting my brain do what it needs to.

Have a great weekend!




From: Gwenivere5


Into my 7th month.  Really a test of will.  I have to deal with other conditions and frustrations, I’d love to kick back and have a smoke.  My nicotine receptors are still going with the NRTs, so they’re really screaming at me!


From: AsadAKhan


Bringing this post up again. Not sure if there is any way to tag it.


From: Robin212


Ty!  I can relate to many posts here.

Into my 9th month now and feeling sort of itchy, but I feel like I just can't go back. The smell, the money, headaches, fatigue... and the slavery!

I don't ever want to be in that place.


From: overdoz


Plus they don't do anything for us as we thought, like it relaxes us.. False, it makes our blood pressure rise, It makes us wake up and search for them in the morning, Your right it causes a lot of fatigue, Its a hard one to let go, i went motorcycling pretty much all day with 2 friends, we hung out and had some pizza, and just talked about bikes, and rode, breathed in good air. I have also been trying to hit the gym, lifting weights.. Challenging myself.. 

Your doing good, 9 months bravo. I remember when you first quit. I just had a lot of junkie thinking about 2 hours ago, i was thinking of just giving up, but i will just sleep on it.


From: ModAndrea


Hey, Robin!

Yes, this thread is such a tremendous support during these last months leading to one year. Do keep your list of reasons handy and always remember that this is temporary. It will not last.

You are doing fantastic. This is absolutely worth it.

I'm sorry it's been so long getting back to you. I have had to wait over half a year now for cataract surgery, and with my diminishing vision, I needed a break to deal with my increasing frustration. Fortunately, my surgery is scheduled for October and November. So, it's not much longer.

Have a wonderful smoke free weekend!




From: turtles


I had cataract surgery about 4 years ago.  I still can’t believe how green trees really are lol. The world was so beautifully colored again.  I opted to have my far vision good on both eyes, figuring I could wear $5 reading glasses for iPad etc.  my friend just had hers done..she had one eye near and one eye far..we’ll see how it does.  I couldn’t have that as one eye has an astigmatism.  Good luck with yours!,