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Tricky 8-11 Months   Quit Support

Started 8/26/15 by ModAndrea; 116783 views.

Is it normal for your mind to be messed up at 11 months?

Just wondering how you are feeling now   I’m at 11 months tomorrow and my head is still messed up.  Have you gotten any better?

I was wondering if you’re feeling better.  I’m reaching 11 months tomorrow and my head is still messed up.  Has it gotten any better for you?

I am not a doctor but if people have pre-existing depression or other mental illnesses quitting may take much longer till your body readjusts. Try to go by how great it is to not be a slave to cigarettes. Rewiring our brain takes time and you have put in 11 months already -- you are a true trooper hanging in there despite feeling awful. I didn't feel good until after hitting 14 months quit and then that icky anxiousness finally settled down. I wish I had better answers but it's better to never smoke another cigarette ever again as your lungs, heart and body doesn't need those poisons to deal with. As we get older it seems everything gets harder but if you smoke then you'll regret destroying all the hard fought job you've put in. There is no magic to staying quit and each one of us needs to deal with the stresses we go through on our life journeys. I wish you continued succes at winning your battle over cigarettes. I hope you feel better soon. Just keep going no matter what crap this addiction tosses at you. Keep smiling! relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

I did not have a pre-existing mental condition.  I did however have a major surgery and quit smoking at the same time.  I don’t know if that is playing a part or not.  I’ve been under a doctor’s care this whole 11 months, but so far, I’m not responding to any medication.

I was mistaken, sorry, I assumed you suffered from depression. Well, just more quit time is the only answer. I know this process is so hard. I used to think will this ever get better and yes it truly will get better. The big thing is just to not fall for that 'just one thinking". Stay active as exercise increases our endorphins. Some statistics are - only 7% of quitters make it to one year so you are going to be one of them, it takes 2 full years to have an 80% chance of remaining quit for life. So, you've got more time till this quit of yours stays solid and your brain chemistry balances out. I look forward to seeing you post that you've finally found your freedom.  Take care of yourself and just pledge NOPE every day till staying quit your automatic response. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept, 27, 2013

Could you tell me what your head felt like at 10-12 months.  I just don’t feel like myself.  

I just felt super anxious all the time and that missing something feeling.  I got lots of headaches right before some nicotine receptors would shut down and I had trouble with insomnia. What symptoms are you having with your head? Remember we are changing our brain chemistry when we quit so it will take as much time as needed to balance it all out. Good luck in your freedom.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: 48yrsmokin


Wow Here I am again talking to my saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I look at this forum on a daily basis. Don't talk to much- butt I have problems on and off and Debbie your name seems to pop up at the time I'm in need. Last week was a weird week with the nopeing Don't think about smoking for half the weekThen WHAM lets smoke NOPE. weekend comes few beers later got a cig in my hand Said NOPE and put it back the ladies gave me hell for even haveing in my hand. Butthead Ed just doesn't go away. But get on here and Debs here Telling me not to be fooled by the demons and that they are. They do their little torture games and taunt you in all the ways that they can. And as far as the headaches and Insomnia goes well they are all there too.  So Quitting not being for sissies is so true. So I dodged another bullet in cig revolver of life. And I will continue. Cause I will not go back. There's only 1 direction to go and that isn't smoking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thanks Deb for your words of wisdom at the right time Again.     Ed Oct 17th 2019 NOPE TO THE SMOKE

Aahhh that smoke - it seems to seduce you back -- BOO HOO! Gotcha!!

I'm so glad my words still have that affect on people.

Way to go Ed you are telling that nagging nicotine monster which I refer to as Yosemite Sam to aahh shut up like Bugs Bunny would tell him. 

We were all fooled by these seemingly innocent looking cigarettes - boy those cigarette manufacturers got rich from all of us Smokers and many have paid with the health and their very lives. I hope new quitters open their eyes fully to what this job of quitting totally entails. It takes a full year to get over the hardest of the cravings and when we hit the 2 year mark we have an 80% chance of remaining quit for life as long as we don't fall for that Just One Thinking that the nicotine monster whispers to you. Don't fall for it ever again because it's a trap! 

That missing something feeling will eventually fade away along with the craves but it happens in year two so KEEP GOING!!! 

Keep up the great job of NOPING Every Day! 


"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013