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My new journey with the big C   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 11/11/16 by Rich (lexx0); 273029 views.
Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Hey forum family.  I stopped by and thought I'd do an update.  I saw my chemo doctor on the 30th of June and the next day, July 1st had a heart attack.  Impressive eh?  I had just been told I was 3 years post-cancer surgery, essentially healed of the big C and of course, the CT scans I have endured showed that I had Crohn's Disease now too.  I will be starting infusion therapy for that soon ;(  I just hope the center is not the same place where I got chemo although those are nice people and can either be chipper or extremely depressed.  That is also the place where my love of motorcycles was reborn ;D

Saw the cardiologist yesterday and had bad EKGs again.  I have to put on a 30-day heart monitor.  Gads, when will it all stop?

Linda is finally getting her shoulder repaired. The ball on the top of that bone had dissolved away from the socket and they are going to use 3D printing to print the missing part of that bone and socket from a CT scan.  I hope it restores her once-great outlook on life.  The pain it causes her is constant 24/7.  Worse than leukemia that caused it.  I still can't believe they wouldn't address this for 2 years! Too worried about infection, and really it could still be called out.  This was the 3rd doctor in 2 years.

Sold my Sportster and bought a FatBoy crusier.  I've been out about 1k miles so far, which is a lot for an old retired phart ;p  Quit smoking everyone.  I saved every penny from not smoking and paid cash for it at at stealership lol.  Its so nice just getting on and going. The sportster broke down more than a Ford.  Heck it broke a couple of times from people test driving it.   That was a tense part of summer.

I hope everyone is fine and their quits are doing well.  Here's a pic of my baby ;D  I have to wear a helmet all the time now because of the HA and the blood thinners again.  A pin prick bleeds for hours, I am not kidding.

Stay well, stay safe from covid and I'll chat to you all later,



From: Eve1973


Hey Rich, love the bike......yes please be careful! 

Sorry about all the doc appointments/ hospital stays. But you sound positive and taking one day at a time! Hugs to you and Linda.....Prayers. Hope the tide rolls out soon on you and good vibes roll in!

Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Thank you.  I am careful as you can be but still make an occasional mistake, but they are getting less. The other day a young woman ran me off the road when she swerved into my lane on a blind turn. I ran up on the sidewalk luckily where a driveway was.

Cheers, enjoy summer :D