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Six Word Story   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 191837 views.

From: Eve1973


Thanx you too! Tomorrow is Friday?

my days are running all together.


From: Loreficent


We have rain all this week.

was in 80s all last week.

Good for plants and birds though!

Good to nap too when cool!!


From: Eve1973


First 80 degree weather coming today.

turned heat off yesterday, AC today?


From: JerseyDee


Yes, over 80* here today .. nice!

Was in & out of office today.

This weekend supposed to be nice.

Knee is absolutely killing me though.

Biopsy seems a mistake to me.

Now the bump bigger than before.

And it is so, so painful.

And a big bruise on thigh too.

It is up on upper thigh.

They told me to take tylenol.

Hope no irreversible extra pain now.

Dang it .. can't win for trying.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls!

Hope you are enjoying new red JEEP!

CC to Loreficent

From: Eve1973


Another week of being off work!

Sorry about the Knee being painful. 

Did you call the doctor yet?


From: Loreficent


Oh crap Dee, I am sorry!

Are you using ice for it?

Also may bruise ABOVE from elevation...?

Have you had it on pillows?

Can you not take ibuprofen now?

As long as not red around site...

And streaks would be real bad

Also you were more active working???

If not better tomorrow call again.

Will be someone taking weekend call.

Hope it is better soon though!

I’m sure result will be ok!!


From: JerseyDee


Hi Lori .. no, not red around it,

Talked to them Thursday .. said tylenol.

Been taking regularly since that time.

I just hope don't regret biopsy.

I want this ugly lump removed gone.

Have golf ball on knee' side.

I will go back to first Dr.

The one who referred me out.

To talk about removing this thing.

After I see this one on 5/27.

I hope he'll remove this mass.

Thanks for listening and the advice.

Pain in it sucks .. ouchie, ouch!

Have a pleasant Saturday spring day!


From: Loreficent


Sometimes fluid develops around wound site. 
Makes mushy bump and maybe pain. 
Called a seroma maybe needs drained.

It will get better I’m sure
Can try heat to see too.

Im killing time waiting for vet

have sick kitty vet not open 

will be soon I can call

this helps distract cause it’s silly

When all I want to do is just break the rules and come off the 6 words and say my heart is breaking cause I think it’s time. He is almost 18.


From: JerseyDee


Thank you for all the information.

I am sorry to hear about kitty :(


From: Eve1973


Great day for planting around house.

Plants look great, 2 friends helped.

How knee doing today, swelling down?

Lor hope all turned out ok!

CC to Loreficent