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Six Word Story   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 251556 views.

From: Eve1973


Glad Kitty doing better, sickness hard.

Very tough decision when it comes!

Sending virtual hugs to you all!


From: Loreficent


Thank you for the hugs Eve!!

Afraid hard decision not far away.

Till then, nothing but LOVE him.


From: JerseyDee


Lori, I hope you are OK.

I hope kitty isn't in pain.

Very hard decision to make now.

Pets become like near family members.

I am very close with my little kitty.

A two year old calico female.

She is a very affectionate cat.

I will be sad when I lose her.

I hope you are doing OK today. 

Just cuddle him, love on him.

My old cat died in my bed.

Night before her morning vet appt.

It was sad, she was older.

I hope you are finding peace.


From: Loreficent


Thank you so much friend Dee!

He seems to have rallied today.

I am delighted to see this.

But also know might not last.

Yes, very very hard for me.

Very hard for my daughter too.

Had him before I had her!

He is nothing but gentleness, love

Yes, he is getting so much

Love, cuddles, strokes, held, talking to

He is not isolating today too

That is what had me worried

Thank you so much for support!


From: Eve1973


Hugs to you and the family!

 I know losing a family member,

can be a very tough experience.

Be thankful of the joy brought
to you by your faithful companion!

On my second cup of coffee!


From: JerseyDee


How is doing today Lori?

I hope there is some improvement.

You had him many years ..hard.

I am sorry .. I've been there ..

it is really not easy whatsoever.

Hope you & daughter find some comfort


From: Loreficent


He is still hanging in there.

He eats a very tiny amount

Still giving IV  fluids every day 
He purrs and wants lots love

Hardest part is when to know

But looks like ok for now?

Not yet ready to say goodbye 

His brother got to the point

When I didn’t have any doubt.

Thank you so much friend Dee!

Will say it spiked my craves

But smoking won’t change what is.

Did you find out about bump???

Is it feeling better and healing?


From: JerseyDee


So hard what going through.

Disregard the cravings .. Just blow off.

You can do it .. Don't cave.

Pain went to hip, groin yesterday.

Hard, big mass still aside knee.

Took pics and sent to friend.

She's RN & her husband an MD.

Waiting to ear back from them.

No time today or tomorrow though.

Will call treating Dr office Wed.

Want this baseball lump removed now.

It is very unsighly ... Yuck, yuck.

All his digging increased RSD pain.

Life has been better for sure :(


From: Loreficent


Very sorry to hear about this!

You are a very strong woman?

Been through a lot of stuff.

And still here for all us.

Will take your advice for sure!

Glad to know you have kitty!blush


From: JerseyDee


Yes kitty helps at day's end.

Pets are so important to life.

They do add value to it

I hope yours is peaceful now.

Hope he is comfy and loved.

Will get to bottom of knee.

Hopefully talk to him on Wednesday.