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Six Word Story   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 246023 views.

From: JerseyDee


So hard what going through.

Disregard the cravings .. Just blow off.

You can do it .. Don't cave.

Pain went to hip, groin yesterday.

Hard, big mass still aside knee.

Took pics and sent to friend.

She's RN & her husband an MD.

Waiting to ear back from them.

No time today or tomorrow though.

Will call treating Dr office Wed.

Want this baseball lump removed now.

It is very unsighly ... Yuck, yuck.

All his digging increased RSD pain.

Life has been better for sure :(


From: Loreficent


Very sorry to hear about this!

You are a very strong woman?

Been through a lot of stuff.

And still here for all us.

Will take your advice for sure!

Glad to know you have kitty!blush


From: JerseyDee


Yes kitty helps at day's end.

Pets are so important to life.

They do add value to it

I hope yours is peaceful now.

Hope he is comfy and loved.

Will get to bottom of knee.

Hopefully talk to him on Wednesday.


From: Eve1973


This week zoomed by, happy Friday 


From: JerseyDee


Yes it did really dudn't it?

I am so exhausted right now.

Going to be long day here.

Work feels like big drag ... Cripes.

Usually I love work, not today.

Too tired to be here now.

Got to change sleep patterns NOW!

Have a pleasant Friday off!


From: Eve1973


Your probably sleeping already.....long day!

I accomplished a lot, yeah me!

No work yet, day to day.

Tuesday,  will find out for Wednesday.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend!


From: Eve1973


It’s Lor’s 3 month anniversary today!

You are doing fantastic, bugger off!


From: JerseyDee


I struggled the past day, bummer.

But think I am doing better now.

I am to clear mind with walk.

Work is unknown for me though.

But am changing mindset to positive.

No point in being negative right now.

Hope you are having  a good weekend!

I hope your projects are coming along!

I wrote a post to Lore's anniversary.

When is your quit date also?

I need a reminder on that too.

We should all put in our posts.

On each & every post, as reminders.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


From: Eve1973


How are you doing right now?

Hope you are still not smoking!


From: JerseyDee


Still not smoking Eve .. doing well.

Been super busy lately though: work.

Leaves little time for much else.

I miss my part time work schedule.

This is taxing on me physically.

And mentally too much as well.

Need to email boss tomorrow morning.

See how candidate search is going.

My body can only handle PT.

FT hours are just too much.

Hopefully not for too much longer.

Any word when you go back?

Ready to go back or no?

Enjoy being home or you bored?