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Six Word Story   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 238887 views.

From: JerseyDee


Still not smoking Eve .. doing well.

Been super busy lately though: work.

Leaves little time for much else.

I miss my part time work schedule.

This is taxing on me physically.

And mentally too much as well.

Need to email boss tomorrow morning.

See how candidate search is going.

My body can only handle PT.

FT hours are just too much.

Hopefully not for too much longer.

Any word when you go back?

Ready to go back or no?

Enjoy being home or you bored?


From: Eve1973


Wish I just could go out.

I’m so tired of my cooking!

i hate cooking, it’s not enjoyable.

Drove  to Maryland Tuesday To eat!

it was awesome, we got menus!

Outside seating, many precautions, very different.

Are you looking for different job?

Or are they keeping you partly?


From: livtoswim


do you have good news tell

I hope your wish comes true

change is good for the soul 

my  time with  US census ended

 thinking of going back to school


From: Eve1973


Deanne, did you decide about school?

Haven’t seen you in a while,

are you doing anything fun now?


From: livtoswim


Hi Eve,

I jump on the site now and then.   I decided not to take the long road to getting a masters degree.  It's too long and I am too old.   I am going to train for Phlebotomy job. It's a skill that is in demand. Pays ok.  I am ok with needles since I poke myself at least 10 times a day.    I would like to work for the red cross and travel around.  

How are you how is the smoking?  I have to start a new quit but the good thing about this last quit is that I got down to 4-5 per day.  I am on a tapering program. It's live strong.  It's worked for me before.  I will be on the site more often. Thanks for reaching out!  Nice to hear from you. 


From: Eve1973


I am sending you a PM.

Since this is the game section!


From: Loreficent


Wind storm still going strong here


From: Eve1973


Hope you are safe, how tree?


From: Loreficent


Tree is ok and didn’t fall!

Lots more smoke here today again.

Not good enough air to walk!

Makes me think about smoking more!

That is really irrational, I know. 
I have grown dependent on walking!

I am getting a massage today!

That will help me relax too.

Maybe air cleaner for walk tonight? 
This little game helps me today!


From: Eve1973


Glad to hear that game helps.

Hard to keep sentences six words.

i saw on news about fires.

i hope you are very safe.

said animals in forest may come.

So be prepared for an invasion.

Not there, so don’t know true.