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2 Years and 6 Months of Freedom   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started 12/28/16 by Bentley12; 681 views.

From: Bentley12


Hi everyone,

I've been away from the site for about a year but I wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing. Welcome to all the newbies and congrats to everyone else on their smoke-free journey.

I quit 2 and 1/2 years ago on June 9, 2014 and I smoked for over 30 years.  I don't think I could have done it without the support of everyone on this site .  I struggle with depression and I had a really hard time during my first year as my depression got much worse with quitting.  The one year milestone is often the time when people say they turn a corner and things start to get much easier but I was still struggling into the first 3 or 4 months into my second year but it was not as difficult as in the first year. By 18 months I was feeling much better and now I rarely think about smoking. I gained about 20 pounds in my first year but I have now lost all the weight I gained plus a bit more.  I am very glad I quit and I feel much healthier.

Keep on Noping - it definitely gets easier.

Best wishes to all for 2017.

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ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)



How lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for the encouragement.

During those early weeks and months, it's truly hard to believe that it will get better and I think everyone gets a bit fed up with being told this.  However, as the months go on, although still experiencing some pretty grim spells, they were further apart and less intense.  For the last 2-3 weeks it's been so different - fewer craves and less erratic moods.  I still have a way to go but I know that, with the help of the forum, I can do it.

Big congratulations on two and a half years - that is awesome.  Thanks again for taking the time to encourage us here that this journey is worth it and that it does get better.  Oh, also, thank you for the reassurance that the weight I've absolutely piled on this year, will reduce quite soon.  I do plan to eat better after the New Year and, as our Group always say, if we can free ourselves of our addiction to nicotine, we sure can lose a bit of weight.

I wish you a very peaceful, healthy 2017.  Thank you.

Big Hugs, Suestar2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2

Quit 11th January 2016


From: Rick342day


Way to go. It's always great to know that someone else has reached a milestone.
It's good to hear from you again,



From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on 2 1/2 years!!!


It's wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by to share an update. I remember how hard you worked on your quit. Congrats on losing the weight, too. blush You are a true inspiration.




From: Bentley12


Hi sue. Thanks for your kind words. I can totally relate when you keep hearing people tell you that it does get better. Many people said the same thing to me and I trusted what they told me and held on to this thought. I can tell you that it really does get better so hang on to that thought and  trust that it will happen for you too. You will get to the point that you very rarely think about smoking. I didn't think I was going to be to be able to quit so when I made it to my first year milestone I was amazed that I was able to do it. And the other thing that I heard in my first year was that the first year you need to focus  on quitting and the second year is for losing the weight. This was true for me. I started working on losing the weight at about 18 months after I felt a little more confident in my quit. Sue you can do this - just keep on doing what you're doing and know that it will get better.


From: Bentley12


Hi Ricky.  Thanks for the message-good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and all the best for 2017.


From: Bentley12


Hi Andrea. Thanks for the congrats and for your support on my journey. It was great to hear from you and I wish you all the best for 2017.

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi M.

As soon as I saw your key I remembered you right away.  Thank you for your encouragement when I was a newbie.  You inspired me and I read from your group and started looking around for my key:) I am still on this journey.



From: Bentley12


Hi Marge. Thanks for your message. Wow you are coming up to 2 years soon. Fantastic. Congratulations! Have a great 2017.

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Congrats Bentley! I saw this a bit late from the holidays but I wanted to say how great 2 1/2 years is! Well done!