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Hospital gave me a new quit date   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 12/29/16 by Lynn (Tx38special); 1783 views.
Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


So I'm in the hospital now with pneumonia and a new quit date. Guess I'll be part of December group. Will you have me? I am on nicotine patches too. Thinking about cigarettes, but can't smoke anymore especially if  I want to get my health back. So help me get through these trying  days ahead please. I'll let you know when I get out of here and home. The way it looks, I'll be sent home on oxygen. Prayers for me please,  thank for all of y'all's support. 


From: sroya


 Hey TX please read my thread in the chit chat section of the site. Specifically the thread about the face of stage four lung cancer. Trust me you can quit smoking  as it involves a lot less suffering then disease from smoking will cause which you are are already discovering.  You can do this. You must do this. Some people say you have to do it for yourself and I think that is very important but you're also doing it for all the people that love and adore you as well. 


From: Bev_1977



I'm speaking on behalf of everybody, you are a part of the December group. Most importantly, you are part of the forumly.  All of the groups I end up in go dormant. Not sure why, so I just post wherever.

I think I have the flu and it is kicking my butt. I am so thankful I don't smoke anymore. Take care of yourself and follow doctor orders. Post when need be.



Quit November 12, 2016

One month, two weeks, two days, 22 hours, 2 minutes and 21 seconds. 938 cigarettes not smoked, saving $282.45. Life saved: 3 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes.

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Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thank you,  I will go and read it. Thank you for your support. 

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thank you Bev, for your support. I hope you don't have pneumonia like I do. This stuff is hard to get rid of. Get well soon. 

Sueuk (breatheasy12)

From: Sueuk (breatheasy12)


Hi Lynn

Hope you get better soon and get home. You don't need them anymore. We'll all look after you.

See you in the December group.

Kind Regards

Sue uk

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Lynn

So sorry to hear that you are ill and in hospital.  I do hope that you recover very soon and can get home quickly.

Congratulations, though, on your new Quit Date.  I have no doubt at all that the December group will welcome you with open arms.  Maybe this is the jolt you needed to convince you that smoking is never a friend or ally to us - it is always our enemy and our addiction to nicotine does nothing but bring pain and harm to us.

Quitting is a very hard thing to do - I struggled so much in the early days after smoking heavily for 52 years - but we can quit with the help of this Forum.  Just make your quit your very, very top priority for a while and, before you know it, you will find yourself experiencing benefits as a non-smoker that you truly haven't even imagined yet.

You can do this and I promise you that you will never regret it.

We're all here for you.  Stay very close to us.

Big Hugs, Suestar2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2star2

Quit 11th January 2016 

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi Lynn,

We would all love you to be part of the December group.  So sorry you have pneumonia.  This whole ordeal will hopefully be a tremendous motivator to quit smoking for good.  We are almost in a brand new year with a brand new opportunity to free yourself from smoking.  You can do this.  We will all be here for you.

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thank you  Sue UK for the support  from you 

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thank you VentaSue for your support.