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Heart burn is just horrible.   General Chit-Chat

Started 1/10/17 by Janinelove; 1029 views.

From: Janinelove


Yup. At 4 months smoke free i better start eating healthier again. This heart burn is painful. I cant sleep at night.  Im not eating too bad but alot.  Just needed to rant. Ugg. Rrrr. Gotta stop eating chocolate


Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Hi I know its horrible .First are you chewing the nicotine gum as it can give you terrible pain.Also I find in ins are amazing in calming it down or even ginger tea.

Congratulation on your 4 months smokefree.It will get better


Hi Janine. I had stomach issues even before my quit and I found when I quit that my stomach got even worse. I had to get a Nexium prescription from my doctor as my stomach was constantly acidy and burning nonstop. My doctor said there are receptors in our digestive system that also affected by the quit. I found this stomach issue eased off around the nine month period and completely gone by a year. Not everyone has this but for those of us that do it is such an annoying problem. The acid reducing medications do help so ask your doctor for one. I also had to cut coffee drinking down drastically and stop all milk products. These all helped with lessening the acidity. Once I reached freedom, I could see how poisonous those cigarettes really were as it permeated every cell in my body. Ever since being a successful quitter,  I no longer have stomach issues. You will be do glad to be rid of it and your body will respond with all the healing from quitting those toxic cigarettes.  Good luck and keep on NOPING. 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Janinelove


Im like you having stom.ach issues before the quit. I have IBS. So i was hoping quitting smoking will help me. I guess with everything else it gets worse before it gets better.

Yes Janine it sucks for now but it truly will go away with more quit time. My stomach and IBS issues have all eased off. I still don't use milk as it also caused excess bloating. I learned to drink my coffee black over a few months and now it's just normal for me to not have milk. I still have yogurt and a little bit of extra old cheese now and then. Finding out what causes your hyperacidity helps with our digestive issues too. Oh and I also take probiotic tablets daily. Having IBS is annoying - trying to cut out certain foods through trial and error may also help you identify certain foods you have a sensitivity to. I found that keeping my sugar intake low also helps. It always amazed me how much certain foods really cause IBS symptoms to get even worse. Keep drinking lots of water as flushing out that acidy stomach also helps. Good luck.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Janinelove


Its hard. I have been trying all different non dairy milk. Im trying rice milk now. I want calcium. I do take a multivitamin. But i want to keep my calcium intake bc they say it helps with anxiety and pms. Do you drink any of the nondairy milk substitutes.  I will never stop eating pizza.lol. i love it. Chocolate and bake goods are not my friends but makes me happy during this quit. Catch 22. Im taking my dad protonix for the acid reflux.  Last i took something i think it was nexium was when i was in college. Too much liquor.

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi Janine,

I have a friend with similar problems.  One thing she did that helps was get a sleeping wedge to sleep on.  It elevated her top half and gave some relief.  She also stopped eating pizza and food with tomato sauce late in the day.   If you don't want a multi vitamin, you could find a calcium supplement with Vit D.  Maybe ask your doc  what supplement would be good.

Best Regards

Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Stomach issues can only be solved correctly by your doctor.  I've had a bad one forever, and mostly thats because of too many allergies.  I've not gone a day without some kind of industrial treatment for decades.

Gum is/has many side effects, I can't tell you enough how it can/will replace cigs permanently in a certain group of the population, I have no stats, but I've read dozens of accts of it on google.  I'd highly suggest switching to patches, or bubble gum, or going cold turkey, what if that solves your problem?  Really, I've read of users still using gum and/or vaping for more than 2 years plus, both are not acceptable at that rate of use.  If you can't get off the nic replacement after 4 months its time to re-evaluate your quit method.  Just saying, not med advice, but you can google these quit aids and see for yourself. Quitting is all about educating yourself.  Good luck.



From: Janinelove


Thanks rich for the advice. But Im not using nicotine gum. Never did. I been nicotine free for 4 months. I did use the patch for 2 months that was hell.  But my husband tried the nicotine gum and really messed up his stomach badly for months even when he stop using it. Now my husband has been on the nicotine patch for 10 months. Isnt that horrible. I tried googling the health effects of wearing the patch that long, but couldnt find any info. Just  now they reccommend ppl to use the patch up to 6 months.  

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From: Janetisclean


Hi!   I am trying to figure out how to help my friend who quit and is having terrible pain in his teeth.  The dentist said it was because he is chewing gum.  

I see that you are all talking about stomach aches, heart burn etc.   I had terrible stomach pain when I quit (2 years ago) - you know the really tense stomach when all you need is a cig to calm you down.  Reading over here, made me realize that I don't have those pains anymore, they have gradually receded.  One more positive thing about quitting!

Any ideas about tooth pain when quitting???


(Janetisclean Quit October 26, 2014)