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After the Quit - The Ongoing Process   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 8/29/15 by Terry (abquitsmking); 11911 views.
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From: Douglas8845


On July 23rd of this year I will close out my 5th year not smoking.  I enjoy re-reading my journal because it reminds me of how crazy it was in the beginning of my quit.  I made it along with a few others and still today we remain quit.  I wish the same to all those in this forum.  I'm still amazed that I now see myself as a nonsmoker.

Good luck to all of you!


From: Carol03Oct


Hi Doug - I have enjoyed reading your journal - especially the first few months to where I am now in my quit.  I haven't read it all yet - but sure I will get to it as time permits.  I can so relate to alot of what you said around the three month mark (where I am now).  It's so true that you start to think - if I can do this, I can do anything.  


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From: Douglas8845


Fellow quitters, 

Yesterday I completed my 4.5 year mark as a nonsmoker.  The fact that I forgot to mention it here is actually a sign of my progress.

I cannot conceive of myself lighting up a cigarette and pulling poisonous fumes into my lungs.  It is just too crazy a thing to contemplate, much less do.

I've done this, so can you, as Steve (standingstill), says, to stop smoking JUST DON'T SMOKE.

You can do this.  I have.

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From: Douglas8845


stillstanding, not standingstill

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From: Douglas8845


Haha, thanks Janet!

One of the most amazing things to me is recalling how hard it was in the beginning and how easy it seems now to quit smoking. I simply have no more craving episodes which is not the same as to say that I have no thoughts about smoking. I know I will never smoke again, partly because I know that if I do start again, I simply may not be able to stop.

Thanks for stopping by.

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From: Douglas8845


Hey all,

Closing in on year five.  

I had this dream a few nights ago where I was walking down a main street in a major city somewhere in Europe. I stopped for a cup of strong coffee.  Neatly lined up I could see rows of brightly packaged packs of cigarettes. Smoking in Europe somehow seems so cool, the powder blue of a pack of French Gauloise or Gitanes comes to mind. The call beckoned me suggesting that this was one of those perfect moments to enjoy a smoke.  I think we all know those moments.  A rainy day while at a rest stop during a road trip, an ice cold beer with a cigarette after mowing the lawn on a sweltering Summer day, at the end of a long movie, etc.  I asked the clerk how much a pack of Marlboro 100s reds was, digested the answer and thought to myself: this might be nice if I still smoked, but I don't. 

I'm very happy I quit 4 years, 10 months and 2 days ago.  I know I will never smoke again.  I know smoking, like other things, was a part of my life.  It no longer is, and like other things will not be again.

I am working on other life improvements and the fact that I quit nicotine gives me strength.

It's possible to quit.  You can do it. I have.

Wishing you all the best on this sometimes difficult but worthwhile journey.


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From: Douglas8845


I oftentimes see on this forum posts about whether or not using the patch is a good  idea.  I used the 21 mg patch for the first four weeks of my quit.  It really does make the initial craves manageable. 

Before my quit though, I had tried the patch once before.  I slapped it on my arm and to my great surprise realized that it killed the cravings.  This showed me that smoking in and of itself was not enjoyable.  Smoking was enjoyable only because it killed the cravings.

Patches or gum, if you have a steady supply of nicotine, the pleasure of smoking will rarely cross your mind.

Going on 5 years in under two months.

You can do this.

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From: Douglas8845


Well fellow travelers, I am on the brink of my 5 year quit: IN 30 more days I will celebrate this milestone. But don't think five years is incredible, amazing or unbelievable.  Reserve those adjectives for the first day, week, month, 2 months, half year and the first anniversary.  That  was a tough but exhilarating war, made up of many battles.  When I completed my first year as a nonsmoking adult I was a battle scarred warrior.  I had won.  I deserved my prize.  I relished in my victory.

The other four years flew by.  I am no longer a smoker.  I will never smoke again.  Smoking will remain a part of my past, but for some time  now it has not been a part of my present, much less of my future.

I did it, so can you.

Wishing all of you the best on this journey.


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From: Douglas8845


16 days till I hit five years as a nonsmoker! Go me!!