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News - Poll Results November 2017 Ex- Smokers   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 12/3/17 by ModDee; 234 views.

From: ModDee


The results of the naming poll for the November 2017 Ex-Smokers Group are in, and I am happy to announce that the winner, with

72 % of the vote is...

NOPEember 2017

Congrats to ALL of you -

you are beginning a journey that will bring you benefits far greater than you can probably imagine from where you are right now. From improved health and vitality to the boost quitting gives your self-esteem, the positives FAR outweigh the discomforts of nicotine withdrawal.


Think of time and patience (with self, mostly) as two of your best quit buddies, because they absolutely are. If you can relax and let time pass, it will help you heal. There's a lot of truth in the old adage that time heals all. Time really is a wonderful tool for changing our lives - as long as we can be patient enough to let it do its work.


Don't fear the ups and downs that come with quitting smoking. Cravings to smoke are not signs of impending failure, they are signs that you are healing from both the physical addiction you have to nicotine, and the psychological associations you have with smoking as well.


Keep your eye on the prize and do the work it takes to get the monkey that nicotine addiction is off of your back. The rewards are outstanding and you'll love the person you become without the chains of this killer habit weighing you down.

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