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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1258955 views.

From: Susan1206


Good early morning, Miss Kitty and ALL ~

Awake this morning at 4:00 a.m.  Perhaps, a short nap yesterday afternoon or the time change on Saturday night.  

We had a light dusting of SNOW yesterday morning.  Cold temperatures I fear may be here to stay.  I was hoping for a day or two of milder temperatures in order to cut the summer flowers back.  Perhaps, they will set their seed pods and the chore will wait until Spring.

I must be reminded the day before Thanksgiving to write a posting.  Is it really TEN years since I put down that last ciggie?  I'll have to check by SQ application, still on my desktop.  I truly doubt I would be present and accounted for if I had not quit that nasty habit.  Perhaps you all feel that way too?   I see patients every Wednesday.....attached to various breathing tubes to help them take in oxygen.  

Kitty ~ how is the house sale going?   Many people will be headed South for the winter and may be looking.  We have a chance to rent a home in St. Petersburg....not sure what we will do ~  A trip to Denver looms to visit my ailing cousin.

Ernie, sounds like lots of rain.....we did have a day or so of that.  I will take rain over snow any day of the week.  Hi Karen and all ~

Life continues ~ busy.  I am taking an aquatic class now twice a week.  My Quester antique group will be coming next week.  I'm getting smart in my middle years (haha) cleaning lady coming and pastries to be purchased.

((hugs)) to all.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Yes, Ernie ~

It will be TEN whole years the day before Thanksgiving.  Difficult to believe.  I never miss them and when I do smell the smoke, it is quite disgusting.

Now...where is that $18,000 some dollars that I saved???


From: Susan1206


Dear Debra,

I will try to find you on FB.   What a VICTORY FOR YOU AND FOR ALL OF US.

I posted this a.m. that it will be close to ten years and I don't know if I would be here today, had I not found my Nopevember group ~ Kitty and all in the Sensational Seniors.  Lifesavers for me, to say the least.

Yes, I am married and very happy.  Busy, busier than I can remember being in many a year.  I've started to swim twice a week (lower back situation) from my fall almost five years ago.  We are getting older....but guess what.... We are survivors and I plan to go at least another twenty if God is willing!

I'm sorry to hear of your Fall.  Broken bones?  I've been left with a rod from hip to knee...and a rotation and leg discrepancy but in the grand scheme of things, all is well.

Our group has become so small......nice to see you posting.  New wonderful husband, new life, wonderful Finn who will be eight years soon.   Beyond cute granddaughter named Bronwen....  Many, many things to be grateful for ~ including YOU and all of my dear friends here!   Susan


From: Susan1206


Dearest Debra,

Congratulations to YOU and yes, you are indeed a STRONG WOMAN, to have walked the walk with all of us.   We are very proud of everyone who passes through the Forum and comes out a WINNER!   Love, Susan and the Sensational Seniors......

Debra (weithgito)

From: Debra (weithgito)


How good to hear!  

I wouldn't put on a bathing suit to save my life- harder than stopping smoking!  I have no muscle  at all and PT is quite difficult - I broke my foot and hand.  Because of scoliosis and arthritis in hip, it makes it so painful.  I also have a leg discrepancy - you are catching me on a morning where I feel quite morose and very ugly.  I went to get my hair cut yesterday and my hairdresser told me my hair so thinning even more than I thought- you can see to my scalp, plus haircut was not good! lol

My niece will make me a grand-aunt (she is having a boy in January I think) and though I won't see her and him until spring at best, (they live in Minnesota), I am looking forward to it!

I'm not feeling much like a survivor but at least until this moment, I am, and hope to in the moments thereafter.

I'm very happy for you-- your new life, etc.  Glad to hear Finn is well too!   xxx Thank you once again for helping me on this road.

Debra (weithgito)

From: Debra (weithgito)


Awww- love it!  Need it- thanks!


From: Susan1206


Dear Debra,

I am so very sorry to hear of your fall.  It takes a lot....alot...out of you.  I remember being immobile for three months in a wheelchair.....sitting for days on end watching "The Walking Dead".... LOL.   It is hardly PBS but for some reason, dark seemed o.k. back then.  

Please have FAITH that all of this will be okay with time.  Time does heal our physical being as well as our mental being.

I'm going to continue the morning at 6:29 a.m.  You have a good day.

P.S.  I buy a bathing suit only when necessary (perhaps every five years).  It, too, is not my favorite thing to do.  There is always the salvation of a cover up and besides, the Arthritis Swim Class I attend is almost all women my age or older...  It is what it is.....

Hugs, Susan

Debra (weithgito)

From: Debra (weithgito)


Hugs!   Have  a great day.... yes, it hasn't been the best recovery period-- I'm watching Korean dramas--- the darker ones- ;-).  PS. It's easy to find me on Fb-- or just ask Kitty.  


From: karno12


We just got a weather alert for Sanibel....it will be a groaner for all of our northern friends... it said......much cooler in Sanibel tomorrow expected high will be 80...........................that's right only 80   meanwhile in CT my daughter said it may get down to 17 (from 27) and expect snow showers....brrr......


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  To cold to walk Brandy this fine morn.  Finn and Brandy are

almost the same age, didn't realize it until now.  I walk her out in the woods

later in the day.

I bought a Subaru Baja when I stopped the poison smoke.  It's still going but

isn't our main vehicle anymore.  I had been patching the exhaust but I finally

replaced from the catalytic back about a month ago.  Also, painting and installing

2 small body parts that got lost over the years.

I just got a compact John Deere backhoe loader to take care of water seepage and

couple other problems we have here.  So that will be my second stop smoking gift

to myself.  Tractor is expensive but so is the excavating we need done.

My wife stopped smoking but still vapes.  She's been vaping a few years.  Think

vaping is almost as hard to stop as smoking.  She has cut out the carbon monoxide

but still has the nicotine and whatever else they add to keep people addicted.

I had forgotten you needed a steel rod from that fall.  I still remember the fall

but not as well as you do.

We got 0.8 inches of snow and it's 18 degrees out right now.  More snow Monday

night into Tuesday.  We get another blast of artic air next week also.

We plan on going to the Farmers Market this morning mainly for soap and laundry


My little granddaughter turned 16 last month, happy and sad.  relaxedworried

Have a great weekend all!


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