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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1117830 views.

From: karno12


Happy New Year to all and I am on to retirement...will check in on you all once in a blue...love you all and loved working with you all over the last 12 1/2 years...stay well....


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  You two and Finn look great!  Doing well here, wife is still in pain from her

accident a year ago, guess won't ever go away.  Got my 4 element Mosley beam antenna, for

ham radio, back up in the air after being down 2 years.  A very large antenna but used two

winches and managed.  Also got a ham radio power amplifier working that's been out for a while.

Brandy has been playing with the dog next door for a while now, she loves it.

Happy New Year to all!!!



From: Susan1206


Dear Miss Kitty,

You have been a strength of spirit to our Forum and the groups you have so masterfully led.  A blessing to me personally.

Prayers to you and your dear Brian. I hope from time to time, you will send us a posting and let us know how you are doing.  You will so be missed!

Love, Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Happy 2020 from the woods of Knox County!  Perhaps a bit much for this suburban gal.  Cabin located on a one lane gravel road ~ perhaps five houses in a two mile stretch!  No house within view... woods.....even Finn is a bit perplexed by it all!  I wish Jim would have brought his Winchester!   So, today back to civilization.

So sorry about your wife’s pain...has she tried any non conventional healing?  Acupuncture or CBD oil ?  After almost one year, the sciatica and back pain has lessened. I attempted swimming in warm water but the chlorine has given me a rash and allergic reaction. Oh my!

on we go  happy ham operating.. what’s your handle??

2020 ....  Susan


From: Susan1206


Thank you, Denim ~
For the very lovely holiday greeting.  I love your owl and key!  Congrats to you on your victory!



From: karenvans


Susan: Now Jim is a wise man, love me love my dog! Ken is the same way. Hope you had a happy get away with Jim and Finn. Were you in TN? If so, we would have been glad to have you all as company! Love your pictures!!

Is Kitty leaving the forum?  She will be so missed!!  I am so sorry I haven't been on much, we have been so busy here enjoying retirement in Tellico Village. I don't know when I ever had time to work, there is always an exercise class, outing, dinner with friends here! I am going to see a podiatrist, think I might need orthotics as my thighs have been hurting, I have a little arthritis in my right knee, but hip looks o.k. Have begun doing the treadmill and seated eliptical machines at the Wellness center about 2 months ago. 

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From: karenvans


Ernie: So sorry your wife is in pain, does anything help?

Glad you got a ham radio amplifier! Sure don't miss the snow here in Knoxville, TN!

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From: karenvans


We will miss you so much!!  You have been such a mentor to me.

Please drop in from time to time!!