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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1167124 views.

From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Kind of grim to think about these things....getting older and not being able to care for ourselves.  Hoping I can get that canoe and head out to the Lake.  We will see.  I'm convinced that growing a bit older is not for SISSIES.   It takes courage sometimes to get through physical limitations.  I witnessed a caregiver being quite mean to her client...it could have been a Mother/son.  The son was quite disabled and kept falling over.  His shoe string was untied...he almost fell twice....and she kept chiding him.  I finally said to her...do you realize his shoe string is not tied and offered to help.  She said it was his own fault (no compassion).  Just made me feel sad the entire day.  This all took place at The Cleveland Clinic.  Felt there must be some kind of screening for a healthcare giver....

Well, the sleet is upon the windows now as predicted.  Guess I will hunker down and stay put.  I refuse to wander out on the ice.  Finn will have to be content with his bed of pine needles for bathroom......

It's not been much of a winter here...so we shall not complain.

Carry on......looking at a planked floor (manufactured) for the laundry room at Lowe's.  Lots of decisions to be made.

((hugs))  Susan

Thanks for the heads up on the bow and arrows.  Speaking of which, do you get Netflix?  There is a GREAT show called Longmire.  We just completed SIX seasons   Rather, a modern western sheriff....    


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  My wife did that caregiver job for about the last 10 or 15 years of her career.  Wife

felt bad for older people being mistreated but she usually couldn't help the situation much.

Last 2 or 3 years they wouldn't let my wife get a day off.  If she called in sick it would use up

a vacation day and if on the weekend she would have to do a make up weekend, so would

have to work 3 weekends in a row.  It's not a good income, a supplemental income.  Like other

industries some employees get special treatment.  We weren't sad to see either of our jobs go.

They did fire some employees in the assisted care business for swearing at elders, with others

like family members able to hear.  I remember towards the end they tried to get my wife to

work all holidays instead of every other one.

Got the sleet and freezing rain last night and the snow tomorrow.  Winter gearing up.

We still have one floor to do.  Got the others done over the last 10 years.

Brandy and I have to take glucosimine for our joints.  I had surgery on both shoulders in the

last 15 years.  Bone spur in one and ripped labrum in the other.  Some arthrytis in both.

Have a great day Susan, don't slip on the ice!



From: Susan1206


Not to worry, Ernie ~ these are the days that I don't even venture out!  Finn has a bit of ground (covered with mulch and pine needles) surrounded by my rod iron fence.......that's where he has no choice but to "go".  I do not venture out down the driveway or in the street.  

We did get the freezing rain....and sleet and no snow.  I would say that their prediction (as usual) did not hold true.  My Granddaughter was beside herself that there may be a snow day.  Ha...I told her that it was going to happen!!  Well, it didn't and I typed her a text with a sad face!  

On we go.  A decision has been made about the flooring...now we move on to repairing or restoring the carpet.....  

Take care.  Stay warm.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Morning Susan.  Wife hasn't decided on our last floor, can take her time.

Got about a foot of snow here, cleaned up the driveway with the tractor,

then yesterday cleaned up what was left with shovel and cleaned off the

cars.  Lot of ice around the wipers on the car, had to keep breaking it up.

They were watching a second Newfoundland dog next door yesterday, they

all raised quite a ruckus when Brandy got out there.  I should have taken a picture.

We had a school snow day here, then delays yesterday.

Hooked up a Software Defined Radio to my ham radio so I have a graph of the whole

band of frequencies where I'm using one frequency.  Took me a couple weeks to get

the cables and equipment here and a few days to get it working.  The guy that sold

me the SDR took couple days trying to get it working but the one cable needed a

pull down resistor installed and the company that sold it to me didn't tell me until I

wrote them we were having problems getting the system working.  I was glad the guy

in England was upset with the cable company instead of me.

I'm trying to cut back on some food and drinks to get my glucose down and lose weight.

Doing it slowly over time, nice to see the results but not fun to do.  smiley Sugar was getting up around 130 to 180, now down to 108 to 120.

Have a great day!


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From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Great news about the blood sugar drop.  None of us want to go on that medication or any other additional medication if we don't have to.  I flunked a bone density test once again.  Guess I have to try this bone building drug for a while.  I had a shot two years ago...to the tune of $400.00 out of pocket.  Ha.  Shortly thereafter, I had lower back problems (still do).  Possibly arthritis in the spine.  Picked up new pills 3 or $45.00  Ain't life great??

I wanted the Democratic Debates last night.  Oh my....could barely get settled down to sleep.  We need prayers for all our politicians and wisdom for all of us to know what to do.

Finn has his what they refer to as a Golden appointment tomorrow.  I drop him off at 8:00 a.m. and pick him up around 4 or 5:00.   It's a little like when you go in for a yearly physical....you want everything to come out a-ok.  Same way with the dogs.  I know he is overweight and it is my fault.  I just don't go out on the ice or snow and do not walk him as I should.  He does get out everyday but not off leash like he needs to be.  I fear a scolding coming from the Vet.  He's actually around two cups of Kirkland salmon dog food....and that is not a whole lot... it's the extra stuff....like salmon and a few mashed potatoes that is at fault...or I should say MY fault.

A few days of some sun....just cold...just so so tired of winter.  Can't wait until Spring arrives.  I even took all of the snowmen down....just because I'm tired of looking at them.

Take care.   Hugs.  Susan


From: karenvans


So sorry I've been MIA. Between Doctors and doing fun things have been too busy to get online. Have been going to wellness center too, exercising.


From: Susan1206


Hi Karen,

Nice to hear from you.  Yes, I know ~ Life gets in the way sometimes.  It's pretty much down to Ernie and myself and sometimes ~ you.  Maybe, just maybe ~ some of those who lurk....would like to join in?   That would be my wish.  Anyone over 35 is welcome.  HaHa.  Putting 35 year olds in the Sensational Senior Group.  But seriously, you all know what I mean.  We would welcome all.

Just dropped Finn off for the day at the Vet's.  They call it the Golden check up.  Pun on words...he's officially eight years old and I guess in the dog world, that is a senior.   He tipped the scale 5 pounds heavier (at 100 lbs) and that is my bad.... I just do not get him out walking or running off leash in the winter months as I should.  Dangerous for me......and I have to be more vigilant.  Nice weather will come soon.  Hoping all goes well.

That's it....new flooring in the laundry room.  Now a redo of the kitchen on a budget.  New plank floor and new countertops and new sink/disposer.  It will be wonderful.  

Glad you are happy and so well adjusted to your new life.  

((hugs))  Susan

And those who lurk....sounds like a harsh word, really.  Those who sometimes visit us down here in the Sensational Senior world, wouldn't you like to just come and say "hi"???


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Dropped Finn off this a.m. for his senior Golden check up.  He tipped the scale at 100 pounds...up 5 lbs. from last year.  I know what I need to do.....Winters are harsh for him and for me.   I pick him up around 5:00 p.m.  Hoping for good results and yes, I will get scolded about the weight.

Still cold here but sunny.  Guess it's better than 3' of snow, right?



From: cherbearquit


Hello everyone. Since I am way over the 35 year mark, I thought I’d introduce myself. I am 61 years old, my name is Cherie and I quit smoking 12/6/19 after smoking for about 45 years.  I tried to quit numerous times before using the gum, acupuncture, Zyban, Paxil, natural herbal kit and twice with Chantix. The best I ever did was with the Chantix.  I quit for 9 months but caved after a very stressful family issue. I had been thinking of quitting again but wasn’t sure which quit aid I wanted to use. Last time Chantix gave me stomach problems and headaches. Well on December 6, 2019, I woke up in the early hours with chest pains. A trip to the ER and hospital admittance revealed I was experiencing AFIB. The meds administered through IV helped my heart get back into the normal rhythm, but I told them I was done with the smoking. They kept asking if I wanted a patch but I decided I wanted to do this cold turkey. I did not want to need to wean off of something else down the road. I have had some difficult moments, but I am determined that I WILL do this! It is 11 weeks today and I am doing ok so far. It looks like you all have been here for awhile, and that is an inspiration for those of us who follow in your footsteps! I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can go out and walk. I really think walking will help on those difficult days. Well, I have rambled enough. I hope you all have a great day!


From: Susan1206


Dear Cherie,

It is so nice that you posted ~ it makes me very happy.  Our Miss Kitty was always here to welcome new ones to the Sensational Senior Group.  She has moved on with her life and no longer does daily postings and it's basically left to Ernie and Karen and Donna (who travels).  So, I will say "hi" and introduce myself.  I'm older than 61 but younger than 75.  LOL  I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren, ages 17, 13 and 2 years.  I was a widow of seven years and remarried a wonderful gentleman this summer.  We live in Avon Lake (two miles from the shore of Lake Erie).  Its' cold and gray in the winter months and wonderful from April to November.  

December 6 is my birthday and your quit day.  I was a bit crazy (well, more than a bit) when I decided to quit.  I did use a nicotine inhaler (cartridges) that was my late husband's and ice cubes and straws and candy and whatever I could eat.  I clung to this Forum 24/7 literally.  I posted HELP one time and was talked out of going to buy ciggies.  It was rough....I will not lie.   I will tell you that those who say "it will get better" are correct.  I constantly asked and wanted "better" sooner.  I whined a lot!  The Forum was my lifeline for a year.  After a year, I felt a little more comfortable.  I did not put myself in positions where I would smoke.  My husband continued to smoke and I went through his illness and death without smoking.  So, here I am...proof positive that I smoked a lifetime and I quit cold turkey except for the nicotine inhaler (substituted soon for smoking chewing gum and then just regular gum).   Maybe that is why I have stuck around.....in some small way to recognize just how important this group is.  Do you have a monthly group that you joined?  Sometimes that is a good thing too because then you and your group are experiencing the same cravings and frustrations!   Thank you so much for posting.  I hope you continue to visit us.  Susan